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Author Topic: Asparagus beetles, two species  (Read 999 times)

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Asparagus beetles, two species
« on: June 08, 2007, 10:36:46 AM »
Well, these are the little critters that love to eat the fern of the asparagus and lay their eggs, which, if left unchecked, hatch, look like little dark slugs and devastate the foliage of the asparagus fronds.  Hmm...my job, for a period of time when they are active is to pick them off and squish them.  This I do and then drop the little bodies down to the larger ants that live in my garden, which have a field day eating them up.  These little bugs are smart.  If they see one's hand coming to them they go to the other side of the branch, but I have foiled them.  I know them off the branch into my hand and then I squish.  Gross kind of, but better than pesticides. 

The bees love the flowers that come on the asparagus ferns when they set bloom.  I will post a picture of the flowers when they come ready.

These are the two species.  According to my old insect book, southwestern Canada did only have one species of asparagus, but I know for sure that we have 2.  Guess the book is just too dated.
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