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Author Topic: Robber screen  (Read 710 times)

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Robber screen
« on: May 30, 2007, 10:39:44 AM »
Yesterday my husband constructed the robber screen using the picture off the Michael Bush site.  What a beautiful little piece of bee hardware he constructed.  Lovely.

I took it out to put it on my baby nuc that I had made from my overwiintered colony (I had another screen window thing on it to prevent robbing) and went to put it on.  Oh brother, it was too tall and wouldn't fit flat against the front of the hive body.  My poor husband.  He worked so hard on the first run of these.  So, back I went to tell him.  Actually, I felt so bad that I waited for awhile and did some weeding.  Then I told him it was too tall, he said it was about 9 inches tall and he had to cut it down to at least 7 inches or so.  So, back to his drawing board.

The pictures of the robber screen on Michael's site were awesome, but I did not see any dimensions, so that was left to imagination.  I guess my husband should have measured firstly to ensure that it would fit, but didn't do so.  Oh well, today he is going to fix it and make it right.  I am a lucky woman that he loves to make my gadgets for the bees.  If only I could be a builder too, like Linda T in Atlanta (go, girl, go!!!!!, she is an amazing woman).

He also built me a cool screened bottomboard that today I am going to put on a colony in replacement of the solid bottomboard.  If that goes well, he is on to making more.  Yeah!!!!!  Have a wonderful day, love the life you are livin'.  Cindi
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