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Author Topic: Thinkin' there is baby lambs next door  (Read 925 times)

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Thinkin' there is baby lambs next door
« on: May 19, 2007, 11:19:52 AM »
Well, a sound that I have not heard before around my place.  I could hear sheep making noises.  Is it called "bleeting"?  Must be a definition for the sound of sheep.  I have not heard this sound before.  I know the neighbour to the southwest of us (I cannot see their place unless I walk halfway down my property and look to the south) has angora sheep.  I think she had about 6 of them or so, I haven't actually counted, but I know they are very curious when they see me looking at them and they watch me too, just as intently.  So, I am thinking that something new is going on over there, I can't wait to go and look, but it is raining somewhat (light Scottish mist they call this, and we get alot of these light rains) and I don't want to donn my gumboots yet.  But I will in awhile.  I bet there is babies, and I wonder how many.  I think if my memory serves me, sheep generally have twins or triplets, but not too sure about that.  I will let you all know tomorrow what I saw.  Have a wonderful day, great life, great health wishes to all. I have a story to tell about my colony, so I am heading off in that forum direction!!!!!  Cindi
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