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Author Topic: Splits and queen cells?  (Read 673 times)


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Splits and queen cells?
« on: May 13, 2007, 09:58:42 AM »
I have been watching my hives closely to reduce swarming. Three weekd ago, I took my hive that entered winter weak, but was doing exceptional since spring broke, and added a complete undrawn deep over a medium and deep. I want to cull out frames and thought by adding the extra deep before the real flow began, I would provide them w/ an unlimited brood area, and be able to use some of these new drawn frames to replace old ones when I reduced back to two deeps for winter. I looked inside my medium yesterday, and found loads of open queen cells, w/ jelly at bottom, couldn't see larvae. These were all found mixed in w/ drone brood between the medium and deep that was originally used to overwinter and not directly on any boards, but between the sections. They were disorganized in that they were sticking out at right angles, openings to the side and some were more "normal" in their orientation. The deep I added is about 70% drawn and filled w/ uncured nectar and about 90% drawn frames, some pollen, no brood at all. My thoghts are to take the frames of honey in the medium, put them into a honey super above, and place new drawn frames between these brood frames, adding room. Or do I need to do a split ASAP. If so, what kind of way to do my split. I also have queens coming at end of june if this changes any opinions as to what to do.thanx in advance.
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Re: Splits and queen cells?
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2007, 02:37:03 PM »
Haven't seen anyone mention this, But there will always be "queen cell cups" on the bottom of the frame.
This is what I'd do. Put the new deep on top of the other deep. Put an excluder on top of the second deep. Make sure the queen is in one of the bottom deeps. If the medium has brood in it put it above the excluder, the nurse bees will continue to take care of the brood. Make sure to tear out any queen ceels that look like they are started. Just to be sure you can take all the cell cups, they will build more where they want then.Again,"make sure the queen is in the bottom". After two weeks take the excluder off.
Thats the way I'd do it.