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Author Topic: Scary noise of the llama  (Read 1431 times)

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Scary noise of the llama
« on: April 22, 2007, 11:46:09 AM »
Well, so another story this way comes.  A few days ago, actually the same day that Roquefort was doing his rooster thing about guarding his girls and making his strange danger rooster call, much earlier that day, I had heard another really weird sound.

I was out the back of my property, moseying around, sowing some seeds, pulling some weeds and just hangin' out.  We have another farming neighbour whose property runs alongside the back 3 acres of my acreage of 5.  She has a myriad of farm animals and surprises me all the time with such cool things she is raising over there.

As I said I was just dawdling around.  I heard this really weird sound like that of a bird that I have never heard around here before.  My sister and I were both outside actually, close to our chickenyard.  We looked over at the neighbours farm yard and couldn't see anything.  Then we heard the "bird" sound again.  Lo and behold!!!  It was coming from the mouth of the llama that she has there.  It is a black one.  I didn't know she had a llama.  What a beast of beauty.  It was at that point that the neighbour rounded the end of her barn and saw us standing there talking and looking at her place.  She came over and asked what is up.  I told her that we heard a really weird noise that I firstly thought was a unknown bird to my "bird ears" and then said that this noise was coming from her llama.  She laughed, and then the llama made the sound again.  It was standing alonside the back of her barn and it was looking at the bushes behind her place.  She said that until recently she did not know that llamas made a sound like that either and she had had the llama for quite some time.  (goes to show how much attention I pay to the neighbour's place).

She said that when the llama is alarmed it emits this high pitched noise.  So......there must be something out in the back bush.  She then proceeded to tell the story of how she found out that the llamas make fear sounds.  She made me laugh when she told me her story.  I will recount it below.

She said that one night she was out doing stuff in the barnyard, it was dark out, she has lights out there, but there is no light in the bushes of course.  Suddenly (this was before she knew of this llama noise) she heard this weird, weird sound.  It made her drop her flashlight because she turned around so fast.  Now it was even darker.  The noise was emitted a few more times, and she said, believe me, the hair all over my body stood on end.   She took off for her barn to go inside as fast as she could.  She was safe from the noise and whatever was gonna come out of the bushes and get her.  Poor girl.  Eventually, she said that she figured out it was the llama, not the creature from the deep, dark forest.

Where was I?  Right.  So, back to speaking to the neighbour.  The conversation was over and my sister and I resumed our playing outside.  Doing our fun chores.

A few minutes later the neighbour was hollaring at me, calling my name.  EEEEKS, what on earth!!!  I went hurried over to the fence that borders our property and she told me that she saw in her field a huge brown wing ruffling up.  She went closer to see what was going on.  A hawk had a crow and was killing it!!!  Hmmm.  Now we have two species of crows, not sure of the exact names, but I think that one is a raven and one a crow.  A little while earlier the crows were chasing a raven in the sky.  That was an incredible sound.  Crows obviously protecting their village.  She said eventually the hawk flew off with the carcass.  Eee gad.  It was probably an old crow, sick crow, who knows.  But I didn't realize that a hawk would attack something so large.  Well, they do.

So, that was that.  That must have been what the llama was screaming about, maybe that was what Roquefort was all upset about, who knows.  But that is the story.  Have a wonderful, beautiful day, the rain has fallen overnight, the blue skies are coming, the clouds going.  Seeds are germinating and I have 5 acres of bee nectar and pollen plants coming on for my bees.  Gonna be a good healthy year for the girls, and maybe the bonus of lots of beautiful honey.

I still have honey left to bottle, and it is still in a liquid form, makes it nice to pouring.   ;)  Again, great day, good health.  Cindi
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