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Author Topic: Hello from Down Under  (Read 80 times)

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Hello from Down Under
« on: February 27, 2015, 02:54:06 AM »
A brand sparkling new beekeeper, I am pleased to meet you all and want to share my fantastic news!

We have a Queen!! Long live Queen Caroline!
Shifted the bees from the nuc hive to a full size with 5 empty frames. The nuc frames were full of bees, all the old brood hatched, capped honey and pollen - so they need room.
By the time I got to Frame 3 we could easily see brood, at least 2 days old, Frame 2 had brood, pollen and honey arcs, and there she was, a beautiful light caramel coloured Queen bee as long as the 1st phalange of my index finger - I cannot describe the wonder and delight - the sleepless nights I've had thinking the weather would stop her mating flight, or that I was interfering too much feeding them - but NO!
All is well, a beautiful big lady, laying close together and bees combing and bringing in nectar and pollen like nobody's business, and it is the end of the Queensland summer Down Under.
Happiness is discovering your Queenless Nuc has raised a beautiful and very strong and prolific Queen - so there! to the books that say you don't get a strong lady this way!!
My cup runneth over....may bee some Flutterby Honey for Christmas!   :happy:

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Re: Hello from Down Under
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Re: Hello from Down Under
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