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Author Topic: Technique's to induce OBE  (Read 1784 times)

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Technique's to induce OBE
« on: December 31, 2006, 03:26:26 PM »

Log Tech

Imagine you're self rolling like a log. And you are rolling and rolling and rolling, keep doing this until you feel the vibrations. And try not to get excited when you feel the Vibrations. Try to imagine you're self rolling Towards the edge of you're bed. Now Hear comes the hard part. You will feel like you are rolling out of you're bed once you hit the OBE. But you need to remember that its you're Astral Self rolling out of bed not you're physical self.

Rising Tech

The best way I can describe this is when you are laying down focus on you're breathing. When you focus on you're breathing Imagine you're Astral self, rising with the in breath, but staying at that "altitude" on the out breath. And you want to focus on a point in the room during this I choose the sealing. But Try not to focus on the Fire works if you close you're eyes. You know when you have you're eyes closed and you see those colors. Thats not what we are looking for! Now What you want to do is try to focus with you're astral self looking around and try to get a since of where you are.

Try not to get so excited, and stay calm other wise you will feel like a drunken idiot floating around and quickly fall out of youre OB state.

I use astral since its really the only other way I can describe where you are when you are in you're OB state.
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