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Author Topic: Beemaster's Voice Chat bridges THREE CONTINENTS at ONCE!!!  (Read 749 times)

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Beemaster's Voice Chat bridges THREE CONTINENTS at ONCE!!!
« on: December 09, 2006, 02:47:40 AM »
Hi all:

This was a personal milestone that I need to share with everyone. On the evening of the 8th (U.S. E.S.T.) the members of the forum span 3 continents with Australia, Croatia and United States all talking together using Ventrilo Voice Chat. This was the MOST members on the MOST Continents at once :)

What a wonderful night, two members Geoff and MickK in Australia, Zan in Croatia and 4 U.S. Members Buzzbee and BuzzbeeJr, Dallas and me. We all talked for many hours, literally.

The newest Member to join in on chat is MickK who brings great and lively chat from down-under. It was an honor to help him setup voice chat which only took a few minutes and then we all talked for many many hours. I look forward to others to give this a try - the sound quality is truly amazing.

Our Member Dallas from Florida has entered into the Space Age with hi-speed wireless and actually is able to communicate from anywhere from his home, in his deer-stand and even in his car. Think of someone talking 12,000 miles from each other while on the go - technology is amazing.

All the while, 3 of us played Online Golf as we chatted on and on. Learning so much about each other in this crystal clear audio chat is truly incredible - I'm posting an audio link later this morning to let you all hear this incredible technology for yourself. It will be in .mp3

Please read any of the other Ventrilo related posts to setup and use this wonderfully simplistic free software. Or download the Client Version ( I run the server "Host" version here - at www.ventrilo.com

The audio file will be placed HERE later this morning!
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