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Author Topic: Coffee's Ready  (Read 60693 times)

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Re: Coffee's Ready
« Reply #580 on: March 22, 2015, 03:05:58 AM »
Thanks for writing Annette - thought my post went over like a fart in church  :embarassed:

My knees have been an issue since my teens. I had physical therapy for 2 years then. In my early 20s, I had a lateral releasal done after my leg gave out, hyper-flexed and was operated on after being taken from a bowling alley where I was on a league.

I was in a sold cast for 4 months and a removable one for 2 - then had another year of therapy and another year of some heavy pain. I had never felt anything like when I compressed both medial meniscus - literally it felt like I took a hammer to a piece of rubber and smashed it until it split in pieces.

November they did the left and except for my left knee doing most the walking and the right doing most the limping - my left has been okay, but has days where it takes on too much of the load and hurts as well.

I'm looking forward to the surgery, this is horrible and I know the next day I felt soooo much better with the left knee. The problem though with the right is arthritis is bad and my knee cap is greatly thinned out on the inner side. This is all a result from the original surgery in 1989 and the lateral release. Your knees should track forward and back with little movement to the sides, but the lateral releasal has allowed my knee area to move in circular and oval tracking instead of linear - grooving out my knee over 25 years. So it's all caught up.

Next will be knee replacement, hopefully a few years away.

As far as work, roughly 5.5 years to reach my highest "three year" base salary to lock my pension in to a good number - that will give me 43 years at 62.5 years old. Then I'm out of there. I'm so glad I final got my big job promotion to lead operator about 1.5 years ago, it takes 3 more years to get to my top step and at 62.5 I'll have 3 years at that max rate. It should all work out - God willing.

So that's it, I have two 4-12 shifts, 2 days off and then surgery. I just want low pain level so I can get back on the mo-impact bike at work and start burning some calories - These for 4 months my metabolism has gone to crap and I need to build it back up.

Oh, believe me, you are at every Bud Event - if we had one thing we could call a Bud's Olympic Torch, you know darn well it would be your parasol. I know you say it is JPs, but it has much more meaning than that!
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Re: Coffee's Ready
« Reply #581 on: March 25, 2015, 03:58:32 PM »

I thought you were close to retirement, like soon.

Sorry about your knees and I hope your doing better with the recent surgery you just had.  Keep in touch how you are doing.

Warmer weather would help with the spirit thats for sure. You have endured an ugly winter but soon it will be over.

Take Care