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Author Topic: Australian Beekeeping Resources: DPI information notes regarding bees.  (Read 3585 times)

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Hi everyone, I couldn't resisit being the first to post in this brand spanking new forum, so here's some useful information. Mainly it will interest Australians, but hopefully others will derive some benefit from it too.

Department of Primary Industry (NSW) Honey Bee Home Page Lots of Useful Information.

Department of Primary Industry (VIC) Honey Bee Home Page Most of the information here is available in the links below:

The Paperwork: F 8-02 Application for Registration as a beekeeper, and F 8-04 Notice of Disposal of Hives (PDF file).  

Apiary Code of Practice 1997 - I don't think it's changed (PDF file)

DPI: Bees - Information Notes

Australian Honeybee Industry Council

RIRDC Honeybee Research Program

Online Bee Supplies and Equipment:

Bindaree Beekeeping Supplies
Redpath's Beekeeping Supplies

That'll do for now. I'll try to continuously update this thread whenever I find something or remember something.
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Hello James,

Which are the best Australian beekeeping forums?



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I think the best resource is the Australasian Bee Manual by Isaac Hopkins.  But it's been out of print for about a century...  I have two editions.  The 1911 and the 1886 edition.  Both are excellent.  The 1911 edition has the "Hopkins" method of queen rearing in it.

Here is the queen rearing section:

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