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Author Topic: The Good and BAD HOTEL STAYS - writing letters  (Read 1431 times)

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The Good and BAD HOTEL STAYS - writing letters
« on: October 12, 2006, 04:16:51 PM »
I stayed in Philadelphia, in Old Town section (nearest the Delaware River side of the City) and had a gross piece of furniture ( www.beemaster.com/cipic.jpg ) and I complained at the desk and wrote a letter to the main customer service. I have not received a reply yet, but it is early still, but my point is - ALWAYS make it a point to let them know what is good and bad about their hotel, so that it can be better for the next person.

The DNA on this ottoman from the above photo alone would turn a stomach, I just ask that they do something about  such cases in the future and let housekeeping know that this cannot be tolerated, no matter how much a night you spend.

I'll mention 2 times I had to write letters, one is detailed in my 2001 logbook section at a VERY POSH hotel at Baltimore Inner Harbor. I had already received $80 a night off being a FED EMPLOYEE (always travel with that ID CARD for great discounts) in this case, my silver coffee tray had left over Sweet and Low (or cocaine for all I knew) all over it when I checked in, my windows were smudged as if never washed and I had no interaction with the housekeeping manager who in a three day stay NEVER visited my room - I complained at checkout and receive another 50% off my full stay. We stayed in a hotel with nightly rates of over $240 a night and ended up paying about $60 a night.

The second was one of my long winded letters to an Embassy Suite who messed up with the PAID PARKING RECEIPT which I was supposed to show upon leaving the secured gated lot. I was told I would NOT need "the little Blue Card" and it was stowed - well... I did need it and my wife was standing in a 5 story parking garage, with 30 cars honking horns behind her as she dug thru out luggage looking for the Blue Ticket. She found it finally and we saved $60 in parking fees which were already paid in the hotel stay. This particular lot was shared with a massive upscale shopping lot and that was where all those ticked off people backed up around turns and twisting around 3 stories of lot were honking about. It was VERY nerve racking and upsetting.

I wrote them, but I have a theory to hotel letters which works. Actually, these letters work for everything almost.

1) don't just complain, first the person reading your letter did nothing wrong, it is their job to correct or compensate you.

2) make a point of the good thinks at the hotel, location to local attractions, room service, shuttles if any, kind staff - anything positive but unrelated to your problem.

3) Make sure you wish to stay AGAIN at either that same property or another MEMBER Hotel when traveling again. State that no matter how bad your problem was, you have faith you will be justified through this persons interaction.

4) even follow up with a letter ACKNOWLEDGING that the problem was rectified and if possible by whom - this goes a long ways.

That's my four steps to getting resolve to hotel stays. At that Inner Harbor hotel, the concierge fixed my bill to 50% off my already Fed discount rate - I had no letters to write, but I did to the corporate office using STEP 4 and mentioning the name of the concierge.

So let's see what happens now with the dirty ottoman from the hotel in Philadelphia, I expect response with in a few days, I'll post my reply in a follow-up letter.

But the whole point is, Angry letters get responses to too, but letter where you have good, bad and recomenitive comments ALWAYS get better attention and you often get greater reward for doing it the civilized way. I have been through dozens of self-improvement workshops over the years with Unky Sam, and being a nice guy earns respect, an angry man only earns pity.
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