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Author Topic: Need some advice on what to do about requeening  (Read 4137 times)

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Mr.Finsky thank you
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Hello Mr. Finsky

   I am planning on checking again tomarrow to see if they have built any more cells and if they did i am going to let them raise thier own queen and i will requeen my other hive. But my last inspection yesterday before putting her in i searched every frame from top to bottom and side to side and found only three and cut them out i am thinking they have ran out of young brood to raise any more and have no other choice but to accept this one for thier survival but i am going to search tomarrow to make sure. But why is it now that there is always a bee chasing me out of the yard and it is coming from that hive is it because they have no queen or is it they are afraid i am going to kill the new one or cut out any cells they may have built. this hive is buckfast and italian cross and the buckfast come from weaver and the guy i got them from only requeens with them and they have mixed with his italians and have turned mean and nasty.