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Author Topic: Swarm in May  (Read 925 times)

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Swarm in May
« on: June 02, 2006, 11:51:45 AM »
A swarm in may is worth a load of hay.  A swarm in June, silver spoon.  Swarm in July let them fly.

On the way home last night I was thinking about what chores I could get done before the rain that is expected for the next couple of days.  Mowing the lawn meens I get to ride around, and feel like I am working.  Rototilling the garden for the plants that should have gone in last weekend meens I can check something off of the long list.

Arrived home went up to take a look at the activity on the hives when I hear a little buzzing.  I looked over into a flowering crab, and there was a swarm.  Oh Crap!  I don't have the gear to catch it.  Upon closer inspection I knew the hive that it came from, and was very suprised since I know for a fact they had plenty of room.  I figured I could wip up bottom board, and cobble together a cover that would work for a couple of days.  I have deeps with frames ready to go so not a total disaster.  I got my stuff together, and went out to the back yard just in time to see my second boiler hive belch out a swarm.  

I stappled some cardboard on the bottom of the deeps, and got two trash cans.  The second swarm was just lighting on the tree, and was some what easier than the first one.  I shook the bees into the box, and left the box up on the trash can to be closser to the spot that they had gathered on.  The second swarm was on the trunk of the tree, which made things a little more difficult.  Got both swarms started into the boxes, and hauled out the carpentry equipment.  I made up two bottom boards while the impending thunder storm rumbled in the distance.  I stole two covers from the hives that the bees had swarmed from.  I left the inner covers on, and covered up the wholes.  By night falls 98% of the bees were inthe boxes with covers, and bottom boards.

I sreened the hives shut this morning, and drove them to my out yard up the road.  This area is Loose Strife central so I am looking forward to a very productive July, and August from these two hives.  The first swarm was ten frames of bee's.  The second swarm was 10plus frames of bee's.  Both hives got a second deep when they arrived at the out yard.

I ordered queens from Better Bee to re queen the hives that had swarmed.  I will go through the hives and take care of the queen cells etc.  With shipping the queens were $70.00 what a rip off!  What could I do though?  I want queens in there asap, and it was after hours on a Thursday.  So I got the two new hives that I was going to split out any way I just got them a little sooner than I had anticipated.


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Swarm in May
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2006, 04:34:47 PM »
The lesson learned is Always have equipment saved or on standby just to catch swarms.  Enough to construct 2 hives 2 deep.
If not your own somebody elses.
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