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Author Topic: ONLINE NASCAR RACING - MEMBERS LEAGUE NOW!!!!  (Read 1025 times)

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« on: May 28, 2006, 04:34:16 PM »
MAN.... what you guys are missing!!!

Just wanted to update everyone with interest on how our Nascar Racing is going. Here is what is going on...

So far, just Manowar and I are racing online together from the forum - but keep the following in mind:

Online Multiplayer allow you to play on any Nascar track at anytime with up to 43 real people, computer opponents or a combination of both.

You can just race a few people or let anyone on the planet join in and for the fun of it (and to add challenge) toss in some Artificial Intelligence (AI) players from the roster of Nascar, adding to the look and feel of REAL racing.

You can download and install professionally created car - setups for the perfect combination of speed and traction. Or create or tweak your own setups to make a car that is perfect just for you.

Saturday night was a classic - racing at Daytona Night race, Watkins Glen and Talladega speedways. We had a few real people join in, along with 29 computer AI racers which were set at a high 94% skill level - it was white knuckle racing lap after lap and loads of fun.

The shame of it is you need the right software and ideally a driving wheel to be competitive. We use Nascar Racing 2003 Season with our own paint schemes, so we easily recognize each other EVEN at 190mph.

I can only say that anyone interested in racing, contact me or Manowar about this racing - it is a fun night that is HARD TO DESCRIBE but you are really driven with an adrenaline rush lap after lap. It isn't a video game, it is a simulator and it is as real as it is going to get without actually climbing in a cockpit.

So, young or old you can drive like a champion against members here and people around the globe, in real time and then save the race to see again and again if you wish from over a dozen different angles and from any car on the track.
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