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Author Topic: swarm fever  (Read 905 times)

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swarm fever
« on: May 03, 2006, 12:26:55 AM »
yesterday I picked up an easy swarm. they were hanging on a branch of a chinaberry tree. with the branch bent down to an easy to reach position. I got them easily and sinse it was soon to be dark i put the box in the shade and waited till this morning to hive them. the hive has a queen excluder between the deep and the bottom board. well I got them in and all squared away using lots more sugar syrup than I had been using as per advice someone gave me here. well they were squared away so I began my usual gardening stuff and didnt look at them but once when I was going by them on the tractor. avery few were flying and a few drones that couldn't get in and a few workers. I could tell that they were not started foraging yet but i thought everything was in good shape. I should have known that was just too smoth and easy to happen to me... later in the evening I drove near again and looked over there and they were trying to get ready to fly again.(congregating on the porch) Well I thought the queen can't get out so they aren't really going anywhere. and just kept going. later I was planting some blackeyed peas and a big wind and thunderstorm cloud blew up and we were getting very strong gusts of wind. I said to myself I hope the top cover don't blow off, I couldn't remember if I put the block back on top of it. That is exactly what happened. I thought, I bet they are gone. well there were still a bunch of them in the hive so mabe the queen was among them. I sure hope so anyway. after the cloud blew over I checked the porch and they did not start congregating again. I sure hope the queen didn't get blown out but I reckon she is there or they would and gone looking for her I would imagine, I sure hope so anyway. If they are still there tomorrow  I might breakdown my big hive and get some brood brood for them to adopt