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Author Topic: GREETINGS TO ALL NEW MEMBERS - INTRO POST  (Read 1334 times)

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« on: April 20, 2006, 07:35:37 PM »
Hello to EVERYONE here for the first of thousandth time - the GREETINGS FORUM is where we hope EVERYONE finds their way at least once to inform us of a few simple things. Think of it as a quick biography that we can all learn about you from.

* First.... Let us know WHERE you are from by entering it into your PROFILE - you have a profile link mid-screen just to the right of the forum's logo photo and you can update info about yourself anytime.

* Second....  Please give us an idea on the level of beekeeper you are. From the MERELY INTERESTED, to the first season, to the seasoned beekeeper to someone with decades of commercial experience - whatever your level on beekeeping experience, you can surely find a home here with people that can either help you with new questions or benefit from your experience.

* Third.... Recognise this is a family friendly and commercial free forum - enjoy and respect others by keeping your posts and replies in the proper forums, we have many to choose from - many non-beekeeping related, designed to get to know each other outside of the world of beekeeping.

* Forth.... Take advantage of the main-page option JUST BELOW WHERE IT SAYS your username - upper right of the screen basically) you see an option that says VIEW POSTS SINCE LAST VISITED - this beauty lets you see all NEW POSTS and REPLIES added to all forums SINCE you last visited the site. A small black arrow pointing to the post title is a sign that a new post has been added since you last read that post. You can save LOTS OF TIME using these simple features.

* Fifth.... Have fun. This is not a stuff crowd, we all respect and enjoy each others company. There are no foolish questions and you can rest assure that we respect your opinions, even when we may debate other views on such topics. It's a fun forum, practically self maintaining and I am proud that we have grown strong and the replies to questions are numerous and very helpful to us all.

Thanks for spending a minute to read this post - if you notice date written, you will note (if you have been a round a long time) that it is new. I wrote this for no particular reason other than it is one of the few forums that have no introduction. Peace and and GREAT BEEKEEPING.

Last thought, I try to welcome everyone personally - usually when they post the first time. If I miss you for some reason, please accept my apology, there is a lot of behind the scenes things that make a forum work and sometimes I hit refresh buttons to backup and save the forum which usually deletes notices of new posts made since last visited.
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Please enjoy the forum, and if it has helped you in any way, we hope that a small donation can be made to support our FULLY member supported forum. You will never see advertisements here, and that is because of the generous members who have made our forum possible. We are in our second decade as a beekeeping forum and all thanks to member support. At the top right of every page is a donations link. Please help if you can.

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Hello From Brenda In Niagara falls Ny
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2006, 02:12:49 PM »

I am looking for a beekeeper in Niagara county that could help me with obtaining bees to sting myself as i have multiple scloerisis and heard wonder stories about it. Thanks in advance for any replies