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Farm life
« on: April 20, 2006, 06:58:44 PM »
Ah this section I can relate to.  My fiance and I just moved out into the country into our first home, an old farmhouse built in 1930.  We have several acres, mostly douglas fir, cedar, alder, etc.  There is a creek alongside the house year round, and old fruit trees.  We inherited a dog and a cat from the old owners.  
How quaint.  I grew up in a shipyard, my family are boat builders and fishermen, I know hard work.  I have NEVER had so much work to do in my life.  A friend came to stay with us for a month and put in several hours of hard work each day cutting brush and chopping trees.  We built up a nice woodchip path through the forest to a huge old maple that we are going to have our marriage ceremony under.  I can't even see the woodchip path anymore it has been swallowed up.  I put in a few hundred dollars of plants last year, and the yard seems to swallow them up as well.  Or the deer ate them, one or the other.  My fiance's family thinks we live in a dump, and they are concerned for us.  He sister just bought a brand new house.  
All in all we love it.  Every spare minute we are not at work there is something to do.  Painting, planting, clearing trails, building bat houses, trapping mice in the basement, mowing two acres of lawn, fencing, staining the deck, etc.  We both love nature and wouldn't trade it.  Once we get there well have some hilarious before and after pics.  We are trying to really put our stamp on it.  My sister lives with us in the basement, and though shes hardly here, shes a nurse, its been great to have her live with us.  She is finishing her nursing degree so she can teach nursing.  She lived in Kansas for years with her husband (airforce) till they split, so getting to know her again has been great.  I would like to start a sideline apiary on the property and eventually breed my own queens to be less dependent on offshore packages.  The lower Fraser valley is a huge cranberry, blueberry and corn growning area so I hope to get pollination contracts next year.  
I just started working at my mentors apiary, a huge commercial apiary.  I love it.  I would love to do this myself someday.  So much to learn.  THis site is great, because even though we are all in different areas its great to sound off about whats going on in our lives.  Especially about the beekeeping, so that our spouses get a break from it...don't mean to ramble on but its nice to sound off.  Thanks