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Author Topic: Nascar's Royal Rumble  (Read 1252 times)

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Nascar's Royal Rumble
« on: March 26, 2006, 08:14:40 PM »
Just finished watching the race at Bristol, always entertaining and often frustrating - but FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON we had a straight to the green flag finish, unlike the green, white checkered of the first races this year.

I have Media Center (TV recorder with all the slow-motion, replay action I want to watch all on my computer) and I study different accidents and different "purposes" too. There were a ton of each today.

Now.... look at my hat in the signature below, it says DEWALT 17 (Matt Kenseth) who I have followed since his rookie season. I even have a 24:1 scale replica of his sweet looking ride - it sits a top of the dash board of my RV when parked.

I find it ironic that last seasons "drunk driver award" winner Kurt Busch (who won todays race) is now driving the Miller Lite car, but that's another ironic story - lol.

I saw a lot of dirty racing today, mostly by the usual Tony Stewart (that bum 20 Home Depot car who is a great racer (especially road courses) but he is dirty and drivers would DIE because of him if it weren't for exceptionally safe cars and high-tech restraints.

But 24 Jeff Gordon was plenty nasty today too, taking out Martin Truex hard into the wall, both Gordon and Stewart were beating up on Truex all day.

But the "You made a duty in your pants award" goes to Dale Jarret the 88 UPS car who "purposely" held up Kenseth allowing Kurt Busch to catch up and run around Kenseth and on to victory. 88 is rough looking for a guy about my age 47/48 and needs to put away his car if he can't learn to allow faster traffic go around him. It wasn't like he was going to win, he was back around 20th place. The one fact in his favor is that ONCE you go high at Bristol, lower traffic can close up tight and NOT allow you back down.

It was true that toward the end Busch was faster than Kenseth (per lap time, by nearly 90/1000th of a second - meaning in 7 laps (given the distance between them with 10 laps to go. If nothing else had changed Bush would have taken the lead right around the last two laps and NO MATTER WHO WON it would have been an awesome finish - but 88 Jarret really needed to get out of the way, even on a short track.

Kenseth 17 also bumped Gordon 24 out of his way AFTER Gorden passed Kenseth near the end of the race - the bump was actually a series of small minute' bumps that came at the wrong place and spun Gordon out badly. The bump and run Busch did to Kenseth was much harder, but Kenseth recovered beautifully and only lost 2 positions. Gordon didn't have a chance, his car came around so fast, the only way he could have saved it was to turn the wheel the opposite way and hope fore a complete 360, which he could have done IF he knew it was coming. Gordon ended up, I think in 21st place IRONICALLY behind 88 Jarrett who started the trouble at the end.

The bump and runs at the end were all fair racing, especially on small track, but what Gordon and Stewart were doing to Truex and a few others was just showing rookies how seasoned drivers can get away with nearly anything.

I say 88 Jarrett, hang up your helmet and go drive the truck - everyone loves the truck. Speaking of which, I laughed my but off at the commercial where the UPS truck came into the pits for a tire change - hope you caught that one. After finally getting all 8? lugs off, the tire changer realized there was a second tire behind it - very funny promo.

So, Stewart is still a bum, dirty as Dale Earnhardt Sr. was, but with his own nastiness behind it. I think Stewart is just evil and reckless and ALWAYS has a 3 day shadow on his face (what's that about?)

And what about Kurt Busch's snow angel on the start/finish line after he won the race? Does EVERYONE have to have a patent pending trade-mark "thing" they do when they win? 99 Carl Edward's back flips, Tony Stewart fence climbed (which he has since given up cause he's to pooped after 300-500 laps to climb anything. I saw Stewart win at Watkins Glen, the bum (his third win in 4 weeks) didn't even do a victory lap or anything, he went right to victory lane.

So now I just want to see a different driver win each week JUST to see what "Victory Stunt" he'll do - lol.

The post race finished with Kenseth going to Jeff Gordon to apologize for spinning him out so hard and Gordon shoving Kenseth very hard in the chest with both hands - obviously Gordon hadn't cooled off yet because he lost almost 10 positions on the last lap because of the spin-out. Mind you, he was spinning people out and putting them HARD into the wall all day, but THAT was okay.

I'm hoping that FOX gets a weekly show where Nascar Drivers get to box it out in the ring like they did with Joey Butafuco and China the lady (well, she ain't no lady) wrestler from the WWE. I'd tune into that boxing show every week.

First match, ANYONE against Tony Stewart - second anyone against prissy-boy Jeff Gordon, next sissy-prissy boy Michael Waltrip against Tonya Harding - lol, after that any match is fine by me. :)
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