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Author Topic: Are we normal and on track?  (Read 742 times)

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Are we normal and on track?
« on: February 13, 2014, 09:05:13 PM »
Just introduced 2 new nucs this morning - one beside my first hive - the other about 7 meters away and at right angles due to easier access. The first one (near the original) was very active about 20 bees on the runway and coming and goings like a normal hive- when opened there was lots of brood cells and larva and a side and a half of honey. All transferred nicely to their new home - didn't see the queen but then I have yet to develop my eye for looking for them.

The second nuc was quiet - in fact I thought they had absconded - only 2 bees outside looking board. Puffed some smoke and the hum arose so I knew there were more inside.Got the lid off and there was only about a third the number of bees but all signs where healthy - capped brood,lava and eggs, pollen and honey just less of it all - again I didn't spot the queen.

The guy I bought them off said after I had ordered them about 4 weeks ago  they had swarmed about 2 weeks ago and he introduced 2 new queens ( from the breeder I got my first hive from - nice and docile) Would it be that the second queen is just a little slow at getting her act together or more of that box was lost in the swarm?
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