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Author Topic: Thoughts on wintering nucs  (Read 4877 times)

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Re: Thoughts on wintering nucs
« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2014, 07:14:30 PM »
Another little update.  From the top it doesn't look like the bees have touched much of the sugar that I put over them in the fall.  It was beautiful today.  So I was going to see if I could push enough of the sugar away to see if there were still bees in there.  I found out all of the sugar was rock hard!  So I simply lifted it off.  Both nucs alive!  One was pretty small and seemed to only cover a frame or two.  The other nuc covered at least three frames.  Neither had touched the sugar much.  I scraped away the newspaper just in case, but I suspect they just haven't needed it.  I think the really bad weather is behind us.  Now I just need to make sure they keep well fed until dandelions come out. 
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