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Author Topic: Beekeeping Field Day - 5 Hammersford Dr, Currumbin 27 October 2013  (Read 1529 times)

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The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Society will be having their annual beekeeping field day on Sunday 27 October 2013.

LOCATION:  Currumbin Community Special School at 5 Hammersford Dr, Currumbin Valley.

PROGRAM: The official opening will be at 09:00am
9:10am   Keynote Speaker – Trevor Weatherhead, President Queensland Beekeepers Association
Topic: A Queensland round-up of current industry issues relevant to both amateur and commercial beekeepers

10:15am    Dave Elsen – Commercial Beekeeper
Dave will discuss Beekeeping in the Channel Country, (supported by video footage).

11:00am   Peter Warhurst – Commercial Beekeeper and retired Field Officer in Charge, DPI Gatton
“Peters experiences as a Field Officer.”

11:30am   Allan Teske – Serious Honeybee Hobbyist and author of “From the Classroom – the finer points” series
Allan will discuss “Flora for Beekeeping in South East Queensland

For those interested in keeping bees or just starting out:

10:15   Kate Miller – GCABS Home Beekeeper
Kate will provide a practical introduction to beekeeping for the beginner.

Anyone interested in keeping Native Bees

11:00   Peter Davenport – The Native Bee Man
Peter will discuss the secrets of keeping native bees and will give a practical demonstration of splitting a hive

11:30   Matthew Brain – Native Horticulturalist
Matthew runs Blue sky Native Nursery and will discuss bee attracting native plants endemic to the Gold Coast hinterland

If you wish to purchase beekeeping/candle making supplies QUALITY BEEKEEPING SUPPLIES and C.B. PALMER will be there on the day with all their wares.

The field day is open to everyone so come and enjoy


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Re: Beekeeping Field Day - 5 Hammersford Dr, Currumbin 27 October 2013
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 10:59:50 PM »
Sounds like you are going to have some really interesting sessions. Same weekend we are having a field day in NSW at Tocal.
If you get a chance and feel inclined, you might like to mention to the attendees about www.swarmpatrol.com.  We hope to make it an industry swarm collection site with eventually some good historical records.

Have a great day!!