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Author Topic: What means neo-nicotinoid and canola cultibvation for beekeeping industry  (Read 455 times)

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We have here some autumn sown canola. It does not need neo-nicotinoid.
But next summer the stuff will be banned and who knows, how few are the canola fields any more.

40 years ago on best farming areas honey yields were small, because there were not much plants for bees: It was hay, wheat, oat, barley and so on. Then come spring canola varietes and honey yields jumped up.

I wonder where from beekeepers will get their annual yield. Perhaps a new chemical will be use wit canola/rape but, who knows.

Autumn sown canola will not substitute the sping canola in honey yields. Colonies are quite small when autumn canola blooms and weathers are often chilly.
When spring canola blooms, it is best time to bees to forage.
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