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Author Topic: member hunting  (Read 1281 times)

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member hunting
« on: January 28, 2006, 12:51:15 PM »
just wondering where BigRog and Beth have been, I dont see Beth as a Moderator any more, what happened???

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member hunting
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2006, 02:50:06 PM »
Hi Ted:

Just to keep rumors from spreading, I haven't heard from Beth in a long time - last I knew she was working odd hours and not spending much time on the computer.

NOTE: she surely isn't banned from the forum, nothing like that - I just wanted to releave any pressure she might have feeling that she tend to the forum - I'm sure she has enough in her life to keep her busy. So until she comes back and lets me know that everything is okay, I just removed her to make her life a little less complicated :)

Big Rog is around, I see him post occasionally. I haven't chatted with Rog in awhile, I tend to let people contact me - that way I know I'm not interrupting anything on their end. My life is a simple one, I play one the computer if I'm not working or sleeping - and because I work rotating shift, it could be any odd hour I'm around the forums.

NOTE 2: I'm finally getting some new software (I'm making good use of the contributions to the forum) and bought an inexpensive FTP Program and I'm also try different shareware programs out that help me be a better admin guy to my website and forums.

I'm taking an FTP course with the Navy Online E-Learning Center - I'm just starting it, but it is 48 detailed modules that require an 80% pass rate in each module to move on. The average length of the course is 7 to 8 weeks and I'm in basically week 2 (module 4) of the course.

So, all is fine with the membership I hope. I have not heard anything bad, negative or sad about anyone, which I pray to be good news. We all need to realise that people evolve as they surf around the Internet. I know of many forums I had been very active in which I no longer visit - that surely could be the case with a percentage of any forum's membership.

Talk soon Ted, but you may see some other changes in moderator standing, etc., as the forum continues to grow. I think we will surpass the 1000 member point easily prior to the second anniversary of the forum on Feb. 20th - we already have 20,000 posts. Although, I do see that WEEDING out some older posts could GREATLY reduce the forum backup file size, I'd still want to do it manually and NOT use a DATE RELATED trim point (such as "all messages older than 90 days old shall be deleted option" is NOT what I would do.

I tried trimming the forum once before and I lost 1500 really good posts, many educational photo pages designed by members MEANT to stay for the long term - with the click of a stupid button, I deleted a lot of great posts which took many hours for the member to construct, so I would not use an auto-prune again.

Talk soon, and I'm happy to say that (at least to my knowledge) all is well with the forum members. I may do a mass email to everyone, just to see what email accounts are still valid and more importantly to see if I get responces back :)
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