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Author Topic: The Quote of the Decade:  (Read 3703 times)

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Re: The Quote of the Decade:
« Reply #20 on: November 16, 2013, 09:17:46 AM »
iddee; I generally choose my words carefully and infrequently, at least in these pages.  I also sincerely 'believe' what I say, and say what I mean, despite being accused of the opposite from time to time,  otherwise what's the point?   Am I able to get a point across 100% of the time?  Hardly, but it greatly depends on some interesting factors and of course, the location.  In this case the COFFEE HOUSE.

Some around here are labeled as a 'trolls' or worse for choosing an 'eyes wide open' approach to the universe, I suspect that doing so takes too much away from sporting events and other such things designed especially to 'distract' us from 'what's really going on behind the curtain' but None Dare Call It Conspiracy………….

This place is a Forum, at least in name, the definition of which includes the words 'an opportunity for open discussion' and TBH this place, the COFFEE HOUSE ain't always very open  :(.  too often descending into ridicule or open contempt and denigrating comments toward anyone with an alternative, usually misunderstood viewpoint coming primarily from the major contributors, sometimes getting pretty ugly, pretty fast and then some folks just disappearing, never to return.    :-\ Perhaps that's what's behind the behavior, I DON'I KNOW  :-D  Our mammalian brains still maintain a reptilian brain at its core, which when examined can explain some things but not all. 

Has humanity become the most fearful, fear-driven life form ever to have lived?  I can only say …yes  :'( :'(  Is it an accident that we've become this way?  NOOOO!!! BUT- because it was no accident, that means 'we' can change it.  "WE" can change the direction were on whenever we choose…………….Do you see where I'm going with this?

Unfortunately, Its 'All in fun' becomes the standard proclamation, but rarely seen is any accountability (too many of our citizens are parroting our politicians and pundits instead of the other way around IMHO), Just fun, just a joke, is that what it is?  I 'believe' it is something else (a very human disorder, the 'need' to always choose sides) and honestly, the evidence substantiating it, that's freely thrown around these pages is kinda overwhelming if looked at objectively and honestly (I probably respond to about 5% of what I read, and resist the temptation to offer anything, trying to keep the Blood Pressure in check).

Regardless of the writer, It is always the responsibility of the reader to resist the temptation to, as has been said by many before me and for good reason, 'read between the lines'  ;).

Sorry to drone onnnnnnn….
"Trust those who seek the truth, doubt those who say they've found it."

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Re: The Quote of the Decade:
« Reply #21 on: November 19, 2013, 07:38:54 AM »
a snip...
You're not arguing with the numbers....b/c you can't.

don't fool yourself there so much Moots.  certainly I could and a phase like 'off budget' should alert everyone that the real 'devil is in the details' here*.  some of course would like to reduce any and all question to some small simplistic sound bite that they can easily understand.....  invariable reducing any question to this simplistic approach means they really have little understanding of the issue or problem.

misunderstanding terms such as not recognizing the real difference between change and rate of change pretty much should clue anyone in to this mental limitation.

another snip....
Appreciate your defining what "assuming" means...WOW!  I was almost stumped there.

the use of the word is quite common in the study of economics and generally is misunderstood by a lot of folks who assume they understand what assume means.  glad to see you are now enlighten.  :roll:

another snip...
Stop trying to over complicate it and being an apologist for BO.

evidently you think every issue and every problem can be simplified to some simple sound bite?

again you are really projecting quite a bit here Moots.  I have no need to be an apologist for anything Mr Obama might do.  My own view pretty would sound quite a bit like TBeek understanding of the situation > 'Of course you all realize that Obama was/is just a 'ringer' for the (real) elite, right?  His proper title s/b "Manager of the status quo"'

if I did have anything good to say about Mr Obama is that he seems to have tried to resist invading countries or placing the military on the ground for any or no reason. 

I do however set patiently for any 'conservative' to apologize for how they got corralled into being war criminal apologist for George Bush and Dick Cheney.  Some have you know.... but others seem to still be in denial and now that the tab for these misadventure needs to be paid they would like to shift the blame to someone else.

*you PRESUMPTION here seem to be that I should trust the numbers provided by the government?  this would seem to mean you are wanting things both ways depending on how you FEEL about the situation?

I am 'the panther that passes in the night'... tecumseh.