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Author Topic: wow. i need help! a vegan wants to tour my bee yard! she asked me a few questi  (Read 7337 times)

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Coming very late to this thread. It's interesting (and a little disheartening) to see most respondents painted the inquirer with a big stereotypical vegan brush even after the original letter was posted and the intent was clearly not antagonistic.  Bravo to the OP for providing an opportunity to enlighten someone seeking facts, not dogma. As a result, both parties have probably opened their minds to the other's way of life and point of view. More than likely, the guest will educate other vegans, hopefully changing their incorrect perceptions of beekeeping.

The seeds of change...

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Sadly, when beekeeping you will meet a few misinformed idiots  :(

mvh Edward  :-P

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adamant, It looks like you did a good job representing all of us. The writer gave a very good representation of what we are all about. Again, Good Job.