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Author Topic: Good sign or bad omen?  (Read 416 times)

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Good sign or bad omen?
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:19:37 PM »
As I'm sure most of you know by now I have 10 hive from a beekeeper who passed away begining of August and now I've been feeding pretty much daily as they are emptying the feed buckets so fast. However 1 of the 10 is not emptying their feed bucket at nearly the same rate as the rest, in fact they are hardly touching the feed. I'm worried that they might be a weak hive and wont make it through the winter. The weather has been very bad so I have not been able to a full inspection to verify this. Looking from the outside they seem just as strong as the rest and are bringing in loads of pollin so maybe they are very strong and have been able to fight off any robbers - everytime I feed there is a robbing frenzy and I have to tape up all holes in the hives - and thus will survive the winter better than the others...  :?  :?  :?

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Re: Good sign or bad omen?
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2013, 05:21:29 PM »
>everytime I feed there is a robbing frenzy

How heavy are the hives?  Once they are up to weight you should stop feeding.

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