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« on: January 25, 2006, 12:27:54 AM »
Went to the local beekeepers meeting and I saw a few things that were amazing...

Things that I saw-

The meeting had a bunch of beekeepers gadgets, from a homemade 20 [that right twenty] frame extractor, made of wood, bicycle gears, electric motors along with the gate valve to drain the honey. That puppy was large, but looked effective.

I also saw a 'oven' where you put in  your supers, and warm them up, for extraction. Of course, it took a while to warm them up, but if you only have one super, or 2 of specialized honey, [ ie almond, or blackberry] it could be worth the effort to have that.

I talked with our local new commercial beekeeper. He has 200 hives. He plans to go to california and tap into the almond business. He charges $135.  After that, there is other crops, radishes don't fetch much , and there are apple and cherry pollenation that he is also into...That get him around $40 per hive. That is nice also.

Well, that's three things that I found out. I am still digesting other information...