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Author Topic: 107 year old man taken down by SWAT team  (Read 2600 times)

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Re: 107 year old man taken down by SWAT team
« Reply #20 on: September 10, 2013, 09:15:50 PM »
latest reports make it sound like he wanted to go out with a bang rather than live with family.  i kind of understand that, but what a burden to put on the cops.  suicide by cop is pretty common.  seems like we have had a rash of them around here.
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Re: 107 year old man taken down by SWAT team
« Reply #21 on: September 10, 2013, 10:02:28 PM »
>Yep, they were some real geniuses to let irrational 107 year old invalids have guns.

My bet is he had that gun for the last century and he certainly wasn't an irrational 107 year old all that time.  I have every intention of having mine still when I'm 107... and if someone tries to haul me off to a nursing home, I'm liable to use it...

   LOL Thanks.. made me laugh out loud for real.

   Being a gunsmith, my kids grew up around guns. My son and daughter are twins, and were both shooting well by five years old. They were extensively schooled on safety and responsibility. They are nearing 24 now, and have never had one of OUR guns try to harm them OR their friends, OR their family.

   My son has been to Afganistan, and when he returned, he thanked me, tearfully, for teaching him how to shoot. The knowledge saved his life, and perhaps others in his squad.. he wasnt even supposed to BE on patrol, but volunteered because he was BORED.... god his mother chewed him out for that....  Anhow.....

   They (my kids) were five, at the Sitters/daycare. she had about nine kids she cared for each day. My wife dropped them off on the way to work, I picked them up on my way home.. the sitters husband learned i was a gunsmith, and wanted to show me something.. he brought it down in a box, and carefully unwrapped it.. turns out it was a trapdoor Springfield in pristine condition...   the kids went crazy asking to see, asking to touch, wanting to hold it.. and to be honest, i was mildly horrified at their reaction.   Meanwhile, MY kids came running to see what the commotion was..  The sitter watching all of them carefully saw my son and daughter come in.. My son tuned to my daughter and said.
   "Oh, its a gun." Whereupon they both went back to watch cartoons.
   Whos kid is going to cause a problem when they see/find a gun? Mine, or the ones who were curious about why they were so bad?

   I taught hunter safety, and I taught handgun safety, i still have all the material, but as time progressed, i decided to get out of all of it, the liability with todays idiots was too great, and I did not have the mentality to deal with people who had absolutely NO common sense. In my career, I have been handed over a dozen guns, handguns, shotguns, and rifles to look at, and found them loaded...
   these people transported LOADED guns to my shop????  I often wonder why humanity has not killed itself off yet due to stupidity..
   Dont get me wrong. I have done my share of stupid things, just most of them were not with firearms.

  Having never had a gun try to hurt me, and growing up with them, i often find it hard to relate to people who are so adamantly hateful of an inanimate object. i do believe, that when guns are removed, that there is no more equalizer.

   A little old lady with a S&W .38 is every bit the equal to a 6'6", 230 lb criminal kicking her door in.
   When the criminals KNOW you dont have a gun, they do not fear you. they can overpower you and take whatever they want, including your life if they are so inclined.
 I am almost 50, and I cannot keep up with my 24 year old son. he can bench 400 lbs. I cant. I still wrestle with him, and hold my own with a bit of wisdom and treachery, but am not in denial of the fact that a couple punks with baseball bats are beyond any ability I have to contend with UNLESS, i have a gun.

   it takes the police 20 minutes to get here. It takes an ambulance 15 minutes to get here. There is NO PLACE here that would be safe from a criminal if he wanted to break in. because he would KNOW that even if we called the police, he could do whatever he wanted, steel, kill, and be LONG gone before the police showed up. the only deterrent we have to such a threat, is a gun...
   there is nothing like hearing the action on a shotgun being worked to make a criminal THINK, really really hard about loitering outside my back door. My dobermans do tend to help a little.

   You can take away my guns if you want, but as i said before, rest assured, that I will NOT be unarmed!    I will MAKE a gun... unless your going to outlaw owning a lathe and milling machine too? I bet i could still make something fireable with a welder and a good drill.. if that fails.. a 12 gauge shell, a mouse trap, a piece of pipe, and a string to discourage anyone kicking in my door will work almost as well.
   i do not WANT to be a criminal, but i will not be left at the mercy of being overpowered by someone stronger, just because they want my food, my money, my car... I'd say my wife but shes meaner than me.
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Re: 107 year old man taken down by SWAT team
« Reply #22 on: September 11, 2013, 01:13:50 PM »
> suicide by cop is pretty common.  seems like we have had a rash of them around here.

Maybe the cops should stop cooperating...
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Re: 107 year old man taken down by SWAT team
« Reply #23 on: September 12, 2013, 12:00:07 AM »
Michigan State Patrolman, 43, gunned down on a routine traffic stop in West Michigan yesterday. 

Maybe there’s a good reason why they don’t think it’s wise to wait out every crazy nut firing off rounds.