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Author Topic: High moisture content in this years honey  (Read 4836 times)

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Re: High moisture content in this years honey
« Reply #20 on: September 19, 2013, 11:21:49 AM »
Thanks for the replies.  19.3 is high, but apparently it works.  I dunno about 20+%, though.  It definitely have to be sold and *ate* too quickly, I would think.

Jim, what kind of honey heater did you loan your friend...a belt?  My mentor has a heated bottling tank with adjustable thermostat and he has used that before to lower moisture content but he hasn't had to deal with this high of a content.  Did your friend have a large surface area to evaporate from?  I'm trying to get some ideas to throw my mentors way.

I've got a home dehumidifier that we use in the bathroom (or anywhere else, it's portable).  This little sucker will pull between a gallon and a half and two gallons of water out of the air in a 24 our span.  I've thought about seeing if he wanted to rig up a small closet or something in his house and set out several large trays of extracted honey in it.  An idea that I've had is to use an unused bathroom so we could set the dehumidfier in the tub to automatically drain, the space would be small, ...but...bathroom honey?  Really?    Ok, on third thought maybe a small closet would work better!  :-D

Seems only extracted honey would work and honey in the comb wouldn't due to the threat of shb.

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