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Author Topic: Can you thicken thin honey?  (Read 9101 times)

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Re: Can you thicken thin honey?
« Reply #20 on: August 11, 2013, 12:29:56 AM »
that is a short season.  i started keeping bees in alabama in the late 70's and back then the whole world wasn't planted pines.  march through june and then it was over except for kudzu and other small producers.
i'm about a year into keeping bees in middle georgia and the 75 mile ride changes a lot.  i go out and stare at my sumac every day waiting for the buds to open.  it's a different variety than what i'm used to so i have no idea if it's just going to be another flop or if i'm going to need to super in the next week or so. 
i'd say that tulip poplar and privet are probably the biggest nectar sources in most of the south east excluding coastal areas.  they say sourwood is a big producer in certain mountain areas but i don't know if it compares to poplar.
overall i've had very light honey this year (and very little of it) and it hasn't all been privet.  i think i found an outyard right off the flint river on a cattle farm (should mean clover).  i'll be interested to see how that goes next year.