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Author Topic: Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001  (Read 1070 times)

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Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001
« on: July 28, 2013, 01:03:55 AM »
With the help of Eivindm, my beekeeper's diary log of 2001 came back to life. I was reading some of it, I spent a year writing daily about my two colonies I raised just for the blog and much was daily thoughts and events of my life.

On Sept. 11, 2001 I wrote a fairly well constructed post considering that it was a monstrous day for us all. I will say that I have evolved some in my thinking over the 12 years since, but structurally I had to reflect on this post and thought it as good a time to share with you all as any.

September 11, 2001

There will be no beekeeping discussion today.

You could read this entry a hundred years from now and still know of the tragedy that blackened the skies of New York today. Cowardly terrorist attacked the core of Capitalism with the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings and the attack on the Pentagon.

There are no official numbers yet of the lives lost in these attacks and official numbers may not be known for a very long time, but it's time the United States and all the free countries of the world realize that freedom can not be protected without loss of some of our basic rights.

I don't care if it takes me 10 hours in an Air Port to go through batteries of xrays, metal scans or any technology that will prevent my plane from being used as a bomb to kill thousands and thousands of others. We take our liberties for granted, a relaxed commonality that is second nature to our way of life. Something that we have earned through the valor and heroism of millions who have fought the battles of our nation since it's infancy.

But time and time again we are faced with the fact that with freedom comes restrictions and responsibilities that will now be tightened and implemented, not for hampering our liberties, but to sustain them.

But open borders, relaxed rules in International Travel and
liberty's open arms to anyone who wants to come here is killing our country and ruining the dream that our brave fought and died for. Anyone living along the Eastern Coast of the United States will tell you that we need to stop the insanity of letting everyone from anywhere haphazardly enter our country and claim residence.

We cannot financially afford to support a massive influx of immigrants from anywhere. I don't point my fingers at any single group or country, all immigrants are choking us from everywhere. We are in a recession and frankly many Americans are losing their shirts with the decline our our economy. We need to start thinking again of ourselves and how the United States will survive in a market place that is crumbling globally.

Political asylum is a different issue though. Escaping a suppressed society to seek freedom is a guarantee our government has offered to everyone within a set of rules that have been argued and ratified. But now we hear the Mexican Borders may be opened for mass migration to prevent Illegal Immigration. That is like writing a bank robber a check for a million dollars in order to prevent him from robbing the bank - it makes no sense.

Forgive me for spouting off like this, but our country and democracy was attacked today and it is a visible and shocking moment in world history that I only pray is the worse case of terrorism that any of us see in our life times. It's 6:30pm EST and bombs are being dropped in Kabal, Afghanistan as retaliation to that country's blatant harboring of Bin ladin. If that dirt bag did this, I hope we hunt him down and slowly drag his evil body 3000 miles across this country so that we can all spit on his face and hang him until his rotting body falls free from his lifeless head.

I work for the US Navy and I serve this country in a manor of peace and pride in our goal to spread freedom and democracy to countries who seek it. The work I do supports the Air Craft Carrier Fleet that protects the waters of the World and I'm proud to do my job supporting the Fleet and Its Mission. This was an attack on Freedom, the locations of the bombing were calculated and blatant.

This was also an attack on the cornerstones of our beliefs of Military might for the protection of Liberty and the self guided dream of personal wealth through capitalism. Just because this happened on our shores does not mean it was a U.S. Issue only - it was an attack against your rights and your freedom everywhere. I pray for those lost and those suffering and I hope you are all avenged.

September 13, 2001

This is the first chance I have had to sit at the computer since Tuesday evening, shortly after writing the commentary above. I'm back to work and doing critical work assisting the mission of the US Naval Fleet. I can not for obvious reasons share the details of my mission sensitive work, but I am proud to be a part of the effort to recover from the senseless tragedy of Tuesday.

For the first time in nearly three nights I will be sleeping in my own bed and I can say that thanks to the efforts of the incredibly talented mission support staff at Naval Air Engineering Center, Lakehurst - our shores and skies are safer tonight and have no fear that when it comes time to bring these criminals to justice, our Fleet of Carriers around the world will be ready to do their part. 

End of original post

Although in the heat of the moment I may have gotten Rights and Privileges confused, I see the hassles of airports came true, although wait times are tolerable and managed, minus controversial search methods. I also called the terrorist cowardly, in the sickest of ways the plot was brilliant, something that mostly conspiracy people will say could never happen. And although I tend of question many things about 9-11 events, I hope in my heart that our government could never have overtly played a role in any fashion.

Mexican influx and immigration reforms came true, working papers, paying taxes (reputable migrant farm workers, etc.)

The government left wanting to strip Second Amendment Rights, State restrictions on magazines, weapons styles, ammo purchases, national registration, and laws leading to penalties if the slightest infractions occur - example, in NJ you cannot carry a handgun (even locked separately from ammo and both in your trunk) again, you can not drive with a handgun in your car EXCEPT to and FROM a shooting range using the shortest possible route and without stopping! These are the "designer laws" made to make people just say the he!! with it. In protest and for personal reasons, foremost for home protection and for sport range shooting, I'm jumping through all the hoops - before it is so insane that the hoops close up so a bee can't fly through it.

I'll stop now, my PC needs rebooting and I don't want to lose this. But how different is your world 12 years later? Did that patriotic surge we all had fade away, have those small tattered American flags that waved from car antennas finally blown away and the Support Our Troop stickers faded to a sun bleached ribbon? Are we stronger today? Does the world see us as strong as a decade or two ago? so many questions were asked on 9-11, did spending 15 trillion dollars make us a stronger, better nation and can we, or will we ever recover from such debt? Or will your great grand children still be paying for our debts, which will make as much sense to them as us still in debt over the Revolutionary War.
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Re: Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 08:49:06 AM »
   Still a good read John. Thanks for reposting and it still carries a message too for us all over the world and hope all members get to read it again if they have not read it before. I dont post to political threads too often but I could not let this one past.
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Re: Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2013, 12:45:05 PM »
Good read, thanks for reposting...Being relatively new to the forum, I had not seen it before.  Like all of us, 9/11/2001 is a day I'll never forget and one that has changed our world for generations to come, if not forever.

I'm sure it was a typo on your part, but 1.5 trillion is a more accurate cost of the wars than 15 trillion. 
Link - Cost of Wars

When you consider that's for two wars spanning nearly 12 years, and the National debt has grown by nearly 7 trillion under Obama along in under five years...it's pretty obvious, contrary to what the MSM would like people to believe, the wars are not the source of our countries debt problems. It's all about the entitlement programs, that's what's destroying this country's work ethic as well as its balance sheet.

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Re: Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2013, 03:33:57 PM »
Thanks for reposting.  There are not to many days that I hang on to in memory.  that day is one.  the implication for my family was the thing that struck first, and lasted throughout those first days.  i indulged in a good 24 hours of pure selfishness. i always felt a little guilty about that.....then...life must go on even if it is changed forever. 

it's interesting to remember the different reactions that people had.  people compared the event to the attack on pearl harbor, but the impact on the general population was different, i think.  we saw 9/11 in real time.  we didn't have to wait for papers, pictures, or newsreels to show it.
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Re: Reflection: on my web diary 9-11-2001
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2013, 05:13:01 AM »
The official 9-11 story is so unbelievable that it is sickly comical. The degradation of liberties from that moment to present is perhaps the true terrorist act. 

If in fact we were attacked because they hate our freedom, I believe they have won. Freedom/Liberty are one and the same.
 At the current pace we will have neither soon enough.
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