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Author Topic: A veteran's roadtrip back home...  (Read 503 times)

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A veteran's roadtrip back home...
« on: July 02, 2013, 10:48:28 AM »
I'm trying to get some comments posted to Vimeo for my brother-in-law and figured some of ya'll would like to see this video, anyhow.  My BIL has nothing to gain from the comments other than a 'pat on the back' but I think he mostly wants his father to see people acknowledging the trip.  Upfront I will say that you either have to be registered at Vimeo or either log in via Facebook to be able to post a comment.  I was impressed so much with the video that I registered at Vimeo (I'm still a Facebook holdout<g>.).

The video is a collage of videos and still shots put together of a road trip that my brother-in-law (Bill) and his 83 year old father (William, Sr.) made.  William, Sr. is a veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam War.  He raised a large family, worked hard, raised a garden to feed them, and my BIL still won't eat squash due to eating so many as a kid!   :-D  

The video covers traveling from Columbus, Georgia to Pennsylvania where William, Sr. grew up and where they still have family.  They hadn't seen this "northern" part of the family in years and those meetings are very good.  The video is divided between travel time, scenery, two family gatherings, and time spent predominately at two war memorials in Washington, D.C. .  The video is about fifteen minutes long.  It is all great footage, but if nothing else, watch from about 7:20 to 11:10 for the time spent in D.C. and also watch the end when he arrives back home.  

During the trip William Sr. injured his arm, rather than go to a hospital they would stop all along and replenish their bandage supply and keep on going.  I wonder if William Sr. did something similar north of the 38th parallel or maybe passing through the Mekong Delta...slap a bandage on and keep on going.  

It is really worth watching the entire video if for no other reason but to see William Sr.'s smiles...I figured it would be one of those "ho-hum" videos but it was good all the way through...have a Kleenex ready.  As Bill said, " I drove, he navigated :)".

...and please leave Bill a comment, it would mean a lot to him but I think he would really see more comments directed towards his father.  Tell them a honey bee sent you. :-D

(The video link shows an error but if you click on the text link it will work.)

So, if you've got a few minutes to spare...do something that will touch your heart and maybe the heart of an 83 year old hero.  :)

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