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Author Topic: better to be lucky than good  (Read 331 times)

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better to be lucky than good
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:28:15 AM »
I had ordered 2 new queens one for last weeks removal incase I didnt get her but I found eggs yesterday.

So it was split time and god smiled on me with luck 3 times 4 if you count the fact it was cool in the Mississippi Delta the last day of june lol.

I had 2 hives I had doubled stacked but neither had really started building much in the second story.

So the plan was to yank top box off each and use it for the new queens. Moving the bottom boxes to a new location. So that I keep the numbers up in the new hives with the drift from the old hives.

So I got started yanked the first top box off and then moved the bottom box to the new spot now this is a hive that is covered with bees always. When I got done bear hugging that hive I looked down to find my suit zipper had popped open from groaning to neck yea got it fixed with out a single sting hot darn.

Finished the first one now the top box had very little in it so I assumed the queens would be in lower boxes so I went to put the top on the new hive and the top was covered with bees so I smack it on the frames to shake them in the new hive and darn if the queen wasnt knocked right on the top bars of the hive so luck saved the queen.

Next one was the same way found the queen running around on the bottom board after moving the bottom box just right there in plan view. Oh to always have such luck in the hives.

This wasnt the greatest dribble I have ever written but I wanted to tell someone that would understand the feeling of getting lucky in the hives it made my day better. 

Oh and having eggs in every hive I opened was that icing on the cake :)