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Author Topic: Obama and Murdock, birds of a feather flock togather.  (Read 606 times)

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Obama and Murdock, birds of a feather flock togather.
« on: June 23, 2013, 09:46:21 PM »
To help you better understand the political left, When Rupert Murdock and his News Corporation were discovered hacking into the email accounts of public figures the political left had a nervous breakdown because they were so eager to condemn it even though News Corp. was only seeking the news.  Now that the political Lefts' leader Barrack Hussein Obama has been implicated in email hacking and phone eves dropping scandals that are millions of times worse than the one News Corporation was involved in, the political Left is only obvious because of their silence or the issue of privacy.

Hence forth know yea all which side of the political spectrum is on the side of freedom and which side of the political spectrum is the faction advocating for enslaving you on a Soviet style cotton plantation.  The Left wing faction is the one pushing you into becoming slaves on a Government Cotton Plantation.  Both Russia and Main Land China by virtue of their actions in the Snowden affair make Obama's and the Queen's governments look like the Gestapo or KGB.  Obama has turned the world upside down.  Now I understand what he meant when he preached HOPE and CHANGE.  He meant that after his time in the White House was over that we would all HOPE that we had seen the last of Obama and his CHANGE.