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Author Topic: Right-wing Loonies Blame Deadly OK Tornados on Lack of Prayer and Obama.....  (Read 7464 times)

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It’s a sad day indeed when you think supporting the likes of Iran and the murderous Contras was a bright spot in US executive power/abuse.

As for your suggestion that somebody with no experience... can do a far better job than somebody with

experience... I would suggest this...

BlueBee, Your President Obama wants to confiscate all the firearms from every law abiding American, then ship these confiscated American firearms to the Islamic terrorist in Syria.  Obama's idea is to help the Syrians cannibal terrorist "PROTECT" themselves from the Syrian government's Tyranny.  Mean while your president is creating more and more dossiers and files on Law Abiding Americans, and collecting phone data left and right.  OK maybe he is just collecting data from the right.  But it all helps Obama establish a domestic tyranny from the left like the one in Syria.  Yea, I would say that about sums up your President's beliefs.  Even Owl Gore is opposed to Obama's domestic spying and electronic snooping program.


As for your suggestion that somebody with no experience... can do a far better job than somebody with

experience... I would suggest this...

Did you mean to suggest that a Chicago community organizer with ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA, experience, should be elected to the highest office in the land, and that we then turn every lever and spigot of power over to this rank amateur so that he can lean how to sail the ship of state by trial and error (OK, then, mostly by error) without him first drowning us all outright in a storm or else tearing the bottom out of the hull on the rocks?  So many of Obama's trials and errors has already came home to roost, that he has now virtually end played himself into a corner and soon IMO Obama and his conspirators will be waiting in the dock for their own trials to begin.

I would respectfully suggest that you keep track with your posts better so that in the future you are able to keep your stories straight. :evil:

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Kingbee he was a Senator!  I guess that doesn’t count in your book?  Maybe only washed up Hollywood actors are qualified to be president in your book  :?

I’ll concede that Obama didn’t have any real executive experience the first time he won.  He wasn’t my first choice.  I voted for Hillary in the primary.  But as you may recall, the DNC disenfranchised Michigan and Florida voters and that gave the nomination to Obama.  Otherwise you would be complaining about Madam President!  :laugh:

What is really telling from these elections is how quickly the Republican Party is fading from modern existence.  They throw up their best war hero and get soundly beaten by somebody with much less experience.  Then they throw up their best “businessman” and get soundly beaten again.  What does that tell you? 

It tells me, Dubya may have been the last of the Mohicans.  X:X