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Author Topic: Building Langstroth Hives from Old Pallets?  (Read 9894 times)

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Re: Building Langstroth Hives from Old Pallets?
« Reply #20 on: September 06, 2013, 12:53:45 AM »
     Mr. Bush has an excellent section on his site that shows how to make a very simple Kenyan top bar hive.  I've build three of these...the first one I didn't use a screened bottom because I was in a time-crunch.  It's one of my strongest hives right now.  I live right on the edge of the piedmont and coastal plain in Georgia, though, so for where I'm at a screened bottom is very handy.  Top bar hives are fine for honey production, and you most certainly get a lot more wax from them because you usually harvest the wax with the honey from a TBH.  I wanted to post the link to Mr. Bush's top bar plans...but because I don't have much posts here, the site won't let me.  Google "Bush bees" and under the first link click the "top bar hive" link.  It will take you directly to the plans.  A tip...just go with the chamfer molding...very very easy to find at hardware stores, and very cheap.  Also, if you do decide on a Langstroth hive...it's cheaper just to buy the frames and foundation unassembled than it is to try and build it yourself.
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