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Author Topic: Waxing dipping box's that have been put together with liquid nails/wood glue  (Read 1107 times)

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I'm in the process of setting up a wax dipper. My question is I put the box's together with wood glue and a nail gun. Will cooking the box's at 180 Celsius affect the glue?

This is what I use




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According to the Technical Features tab from your link:

"Resistant (after full cure) to heat to 90°C and cold to –10°C. See “Application Tips” below"

So, I'm thinking YES, it will affect it...and probably not in a good way.  ;)

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It will seperate. I would hand rub wax into the corners first then do controlled dips till satisfied.


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Your working your way up to a big mess! Hot wax will burn the hide off ya!

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I glued the shims on my lids and then dipped them.  I had no issues.  That was exterior carpenter's glue.
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