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Author Topic: Bee crop circle and other esoteric stuff  (Read 1626 times)

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Bee crop circle and other esoteric stuff
« on: May 07, 2013, 03:48:58 AM »
Make of it what you will


Aingeal Rose O'Grady Reads from the Akashic Records:
This is a warning, a wake-up call: care for the honeybees.
They are an integral part of ilfe.
Bees are essential to life on Earth.
Do not underestimate the necessity of what they provide.
The bee sting is an antidote for heart attack.
This essence and venom have anti-inflammatory properties.
The essence strengthens your immunity overall.
It enhances your awareness of nature and the importance of insects.
It puts you in touch with the cycles of nature
and shows you how important they are.
The head is circle, like looking down a tunnel.

This anti-virus essence strengthens your immune system and promotes your healthy bacteria;
it assists your body in fighting viruses such as AIDS and SARS.

This is about the relationship between microwaves and the reproductive problems of bees.

It is believed that arthritis is a viral thing, exacerbated by such things as coffee. It is also known that beekeepers who get stung regularly do not develop arthritis. I have been using this honeybee essence daily to head off some arthritis developing in my fingers, as my sister has and my father had. I have been guided to rub drops into the affected joints twice daily. Within four days the ache was gone and the swelling had diminished. My wife has been rubbing it on an aching wrist, with noticeable improvement.