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Author Topic: Has anyone converted a shipping container into a honey extracting room?  (Read 2240 times)

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I'm at the stage where I need to set up a honey extracting room. I am looking at getting a 20' by 8' shipping container and installing a glass sliding door, a window or two, power points, running water and a sink. I will put a corrugated iron roof over the container to stop it from getting too hot in summer but I don't think it would be worth getting it insulated.

The container should have plenty of space to extract honey, assemble frames and boxes and store equipment and honey.

I am looking for ideas on how to set this all up. Has anyone set up a honey extracting room similar to this? What layout did you use? What works well? What doesn't work so well?


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Sounds like a good idea. I was looking for one of these units to use as a storage shed for our club apiary and could not get the 20 footer unit but for not too much more I could have quickly had a 40 footer delivered. You will probably, very quickly, run out of space in the 20 footer.
Just a thought.
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     I have seen pictures of this being done in Canada with a full tractor trailer so it can be moved easily from place to place I believe it was 48 Ft.Long and 8 Ft.wide

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Sounds like a good idea, keep us posted...

As to it being worth getting it insulated...This may be an option, it's a do it yourself product.  A friend of mine just used it on a project and was impressed, my understanding is that it's was both easy and affordable.
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My honey room is a converted shipping container. I'm not sure of the dimensions but it is a bit small to use as storage and frame assembly so I do the frames at home and store the other equipment anywhere I can find space. We have running water and power so it suits our needs for now...

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If one is not big enough you could do what my sister did (not for bees) and use two parallel with a space between and roof over the lot. One for extraction - one for frame assembly storage and the space between for storing spare boxes and bulky stuff.
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