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Re: I'm Sequestered!
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The old Soviet Union imploded because ethnic tentions between Russians and maybe a 100 other indigenous peoples had become unbearable.  
Kingbee are you sipping moonshine and licking magic toads again?  Where pray tell are you getting your “history” from?  The USSR didn’t break up over ethnic tensions, the USSR was never a volunteer union!  They were occupied by the Russians after WW2.  

Blue B my friend, where did you get your Foreign Relations diploma, from a box of Cracker Jacks?  Me thinks dear sir that you have confused the USSR, or Soviet Union, or maybe even Mother Russia with the defunct Warsaw Pact.  At any rate I will endeavor to answer your question to the best of my ability.

Here goes:
I got my info from a book Blue B.  You should try one sometime, I highly recommend them.  

The specific book in this instance was “The New Russians” the latter edition the one that covered the fall of Gorbachev, the rise of Yeltsin and the subsequent Russian Revolution that felled the USSR like it began, in revolution.  Talk to Hedrick Smith, the author of this book if you have misgivings about his conclusions.  He is a Leftie like yourself so you’ll feel right at home.  

I never read books authored by Conservatives just as you should never read books authored by Liberals.  Do your opposition research Blue and you will be in a stronger possession to refute the garbage you are exposed to instead of letting yourself be played like the banjo in the movie Deliverance.  You know BB, now that I think about it Leftists do remind me of the banjo picker in Deliverance. :lau:

Here is a short snippet from that Wikipedia thing.  If you find any errors in Mr. Smith’s bio please contact Wikipedia to lodge the complaint.  Like Smith’s conclusions about the causes of the fall of the USSR, I only quotes um like Hedrick Smith writes um.  (The upper case words below were not meant to be shouting but they are meant to stress and reinforce the professional résumé  of the afore mentioned Mr. Smith.  

“Hedrick Smith (born July 9, 1933 in Kilmacolm, Scotland) is a PULITZER PRIZE -winning former reporter and editor for THE NEW YORK TIMES, an EMMY AWARD WINNING producer/correspondent for the PBS SHOW FRONTLINE AND author of several BOOKS.

“He was a reporter for the New York Times from 1962 to 1988. During his career with the New York Times, he covered stories such as the Martin Luther King Jr. and civil right struggle, the Vietnam war, and the Cold War from both Moscow and Washington. In 1971, Smith worked as chief diplomatic correspondent. Smith has worked for PBS since 1989 where he created 26 prime-time specials. His work focused on topics such as terrorism, Wall Street, *Soviet perestroika, Wal-Mart, Enron, tax evasion, educational reform, health care, the environment, and Washinton's power game.”

In 1971, he won ….the Pulitzer Prize for its work on the Pentagon Papers.[1] He won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1974 for stories from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Smith has also won many television awards. His Frontline show, “The Wall Street Fix” and “Can You Afford to Retire?” won Emmies and two other awards and his frontline show, “Critical Condition” and “Tax Me If You Can” were nominated. He has won or shared the Columbia-Dupont Gold Baton for the year’s best public affairs program on U.S. television twice. He has also won the George Polk, George Peabody and Sidney Hillman awards for his excellence in reporting along with two national public service awards.[1]

Some of Hedrick Smith’s other PBS Frontline productions:
After Gorbachev's USSR;  
Bigger than Enron;  
Can You Afford to Retire?
Dr. Solomon's Dilemma;
Guns, Tanks, and Gorbachev;
Inside the Terror Network;
Is Wal-Mart Good for America?;
Tax Me If You Can;
The Wall Street Fix;  
Poisoned Waters;

Some of the books Smith authored:
The Russians (1975)
The Power Game (1988)
*The New Russians (1990)
The Media and the Gulf War (1992)
 Rethinking America (1995)
The Power Game (1996)
Who Stole the American Dream? (2012)”

BTW Blue, Smith also laid partial blame for the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) at the feet of the Environmental Movement.  This dove tails perfectly with what Patrick Moore, the founder of Green Peace had to say about the environmental movement and its wacky leftward lurch post 1990.  To whit.

“The other reason environmental extremism emerged was because World Communism failed, the Wall came down and a lot of peace nicks and political activist moved into the Environmental Movement bringing their Neo-Marxism with them, and learned how to use green language in a very clever way to cloak agendas that have more to do with anti Capitalism and anti Globalization that they have anything to do with ecology or science.”  --- Green Peace founder, Patrick Moore.


It is helpful to Green Peace founder Patrick Moore’s varsity that most of the really loony, wacky, and far out Environmental nonsense that we see now began in Europe, especially in the parts of Europe where the Communist Party was historically strong.  Remember that the next time there is a screed posted here about Monsanto, BayerAG, ADM, or any other Capitalist enterprise willfully killing, kidnapping, wiping the memory banks of, or emptying hives of honey bees during the dark of the moon.
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