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Author Topic: My bees are to be exterminated on Saturday. Any ideas on how to save them?  (Read 3518 times)

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Re: My bees are to be exterminated on Saturday. Any ideas on how to save them?
« Reply #20 on: December 03, 2012, 01:47:57 AM »
I like bees just as much as the next beekeeper, but at the same time I weigh things out and put them into perspective.

This hive is what, 50' up in a tree right? To me I would rather leave it to the city to exterminate this hive knowing that MANY more swarms, cut outs and trap outs will happen every year under safer and controlled situations and the will save a lot more bees...........and beekeepers.

"Save all the bees" perspective:

Scaffolding - atleast a few hundred to rent.
Bucket lift - $500 to rent.
Wife making sure your up on your life insurance before proceding with extraction - depends.

My perspective:

A nuc - $100.........pick it up and install it............easy does it.
A package - $70.............again, pick it up and install it.
A swarm - ****FREE****....................shake and bake.

The first perspective involves heights, I dont like heights, too many things to go wrong.

My perspective involves driving (which can be dangerous, but we all do it) and walking on flat ground, for the most part unless you have a swarm 30' in a tree, again, there are methods to get them down with your feet firmly on the ground as well!!

What is my point? Sometimes we have to think about our lives before animal/insect lives............and this case is a good point.
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