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Author Topic: And here is another green energy loser  (Read 3716 times)

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Re: And here is another green energy loser
« Reply #20 on: October 29, 2012, 08:36:56 PM »
5. Let someone else play God? I assume you mean let someone else become the superpower that controls this world? do I need to respond to that? I cant even begin to wrap my brain around that. Should we allow China to fill our role or maybe Russia? Or why stop there maybe North Korea or Iran, I am sure they will all have our best interest at heart.

that's it.  lead or follow.

We could have discovered the God particle decades ago with this machine

you base this on what?  CERN has international support and draws the best scientists in the world, yet they have not. 

according to wikipedia, clinton tried to save it, but congress canceled funding.  ;-)

One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets ? anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered. (1.8.85)

George Orwell  "1984"

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Re: And here is another green energy loser
« Reply #21 on: October 29, 2012, 10:39:04 PM »
Jesse Jackson: Hot Mic With Fox On Obama

What is it with this fascination Democrats have with the family jewels of other men.  First Jesse Jackson Senior threatened to cut off Obama’s family jewels for, “Talking down to African Americans”  Then Vice-President Joe Biden gets his own family jewels caught up in the ringer over his loud mouthed comment to Charles Woods, the father of one of the Navy SEALS killed in Al Qaeda’s 911 11th year anniversary celebration attack in Bengasi, Libya.


It is telling when you realize that British and Canadian News Papers (And not even the ones owned by Fox News) had to report on this because the Main Stream Media in this country are so far up the poop shoot for Obama that it would have never came to light without foreign news service intervention.  That is freighting!!!