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Author Topic: New beek accomplishment! Feedback welcomed.  (Read 538 times)

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New beek accomplishment! Feedback welcomed.
« on: September 20, 2012, 04:16:25 PM »
I posted a while ago that I had a hive with only SHB and bees(well it turns out there was quite a bit of pollen, too).  I wanted to save the bees, but the frames clearly needed a big amount of cleaning that this weaker hive couldn't handle.  I strung together all of the advice that I got from forums and reading and I think I saved the bees.  I put my super on top of a shallow super with empty drawn comb with a swarm lure in the bottom, then I put some Bee-Dun on my fume pad and drove the bees down.  I placed the old super nearby as it was nearly empty when I finished and I shook off a couple of the most bee-filled frames in front of the new super.  I placed a chunk of fondant on top and an empty super.  Two days later, the bees are in the super that I want them to be in with the clean, un SHB infested comb and they are well-fed and happy(I think, at least they aren't behaving aggressively).  My plan from here is to do a newspaper combine with a strong new hive that I have and they should be well strong enough to winter.  How did I do?  So far, it looks great.  Any extra advice?  I'm still fighting the SHB, but I think I'm winning and I have heard others say they are bad this year.  My strongest hive has hardly any, so if I add these bees to a stronger hive, I don't think I will have a huge problem. I have oil traps and I've dusted the ground with DE.  I also have some little carpet pieces in front of the hive.  Any feedback is appreciated.