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Author Topic: Donations from the forum to Charities - MONTH ONE  (Read 1138 times)

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Donations from the forum to Charities - MONTH ONE
« on: October 01, 2005, 05:37:54 PM »
Hi Everyone:

I'm keeping everyone posted on the STATUS of my DONATIONS to the BEEKEEPING FORUM and WEB SITE DONATION CAMPAIGN - more to the point, the amount that will be contributed to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

NOTE: Please remember that my wonderful wife has promised to MATCH the donated amounts from the membership which is given to the charities - the balance of all contributions to the Beemaster Bee Forum Fund will be saved and used to improve this site as listed on the donations page www.beemaster.com/donations.html - but simply put: 90% of your contributions will go to the Beekeeping Forum and Website Improvement Fund, the balance of 10% will go (as you specify) to either/or the Salvation Army and American Red Cross.

This month, we collected in donations which percentage did NOT meet the minimal contribution limits set by the charities UNTIL the matching fund from Ladybee (my Lovely wife Tracey) at which point we met the charity minimal goals and our combined efforts gave $12 to EACH CHARITY and in both cases, it was sent to the Hurricane Relief in the Gulf Region of the United States.

In hindsite, I wish that I had created a Donations Link several hundred members ago, more toward the inception of the forum - if I had, I think the forum would be quite different today, offering On-Site Image Storage, Video and Audio Instruction, a member uploads area (personal webpages that members could have hosted here and much, much more.

I love the forum, and I know that we will continue to be the friendliest and most content fueled Beekeeping Website on the Internet.


I sincerely thank you for your gift and faith in my intentions to improve our site. Little by little we have met many goals and as FALL comes to most of the world, we will again see a more vibrant interaction of posts and replies throughout the site.

I am currently searching for the best of the best replies in ALL of the topics in the forum to be added to the Backyard Beekeeping Course. These will be PAGES and PAGES of examples to GREATLY increase the content immediately available to those reading the Instructional part of the forum - this single (albeit time consuming) feature will hugely improve the material which new-comers to the site preceive our group in the forums. Of course, credit to the content will be added to each post placed in the Backyard Beekeeping Course.

I know it would be simpler to just post links to the content - but I think that having actual material to read "Within in Instructional Area" is more personal, but links will also be included to similar topical sections, this will give new-comers exposure to the vast knowledge of our International Membership.

I'm sitting on a few dozen Beemaster Radio Programs in MP3 Format.... As soon as we expand or move the site to a different forum, either case we will have an abundance of room to entertain, educate and build an even large membership, which is a real goal: having more members is NEVER a bad thing, as long as the rules of being the most FAMILY FRIENDLY FORUM on the Net is adheared to - I know that we all enjoy meeting new people from all over the globe, it is the single most interesting feature of forums in general, but in a beekeeping forum it is an educational eye-opener, because we are learning new and exciting differences in how people in foreign lands keep bees and also, as seasoned beekeepers we get to introduce new people into this awesome hobby.

Thanks again to those who donated to this site. I had always tried to keep  the site totally personal as far as "the cost went" but with a membership bordering 900 members, I see the need for help and to those who can give, if you think our forum and instructional site is a worthy place to assist with contributions, then please be part of the members who have given. There is not any commercial BS here and that is a promise I will never break. Even when I have unique beekeeping objects for sale on a on-line store (still in the plans but too early to detail) you will still NEVER see pop-up, embedded or other advertizing here in the forum. The most you are likely to ever see is a mention as you do in the Forum Logo where I currently mention the donations page.

This forum will stay pure and protective against ANYTHING that would be insulting to family members. Your participation and the interaction of all members are extremely important - and the content of posts (whether written of image) are monitored by myself and a great group of moderators who have YOU and your family's constantly at the top of our list of importancy.

Thanks again all for taking the time for reading this. I promise to keep everyone updated on how well my donations fund campaign is going and you all will know 1) how much the Charities Receive 2) how and when monies from the Bee Funds are spent.

God Bless Everyone: happy Beekeeping as Fall quickly arrive to much of the world and to our Southern Hemosphere members - have a great Summer and split them hives early if you plan on growing quickly.

PS.... I have had a lot of emails lately from down-under, so expect to see some new members finding their way from the bottom of our Big Blue Marble :)

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Please enjoy the forum, and if it has helped you in any way, we hope that a small donation can be made to support our FULLY member supported forum. You will never see advertisements here, and that is because of the generous members who have made our forum possible. We are in our second decade as a beekeeping forum and all thanks to member support. At the top right of every page is a donations link. Please help if you can.