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Author Topic: A Bear in the Beeyard  (Read 620 times)

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A Bear in the Beeyard
« on: July 08, 2012, 08:56:44 PM »
Just got a call from a friend over in Ormond Beach Fl. about 10 miles West of I-95 about some devistation he just suffered in his yard. Last week when he was out of town a bear went through his yard and knocked over two of his four hives and pretty much destroyed one of them. When he got home he made one hive out of the destroyed two and put up a electric wire around the yard. Well he didn't put the wire out far enough and the bear came back just as they always do and took out two more hives. After that the electric wire became a electric fence which would of done justice to the Berlin Wall, he didn't even put a gate in the fence. It looks like the bear was back last night and tried to eat the strips of bacon that was wrapped around the hot wire while standing on chicken wire set up as a ground. By all accounts I don't think that old bear will be back, the wire that had the bacon on it had a real good kink in it and his last hive was still intact. Today I donated 3-4 frames of brood out of my hives to help him get a second one up and running, two of the three hives he lost were nucs I set up for him earlier this year and the third one was a trap out we did last year all loaded with honey. I think this is his third or fourth year bee keeping and boy is he learning the ropes.