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Author Topic: How to talk to a human when calling an automated phone syste  (Read 1709 times)

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How to talk to a human when calling an automated phone syste
« on: September 13, 2005, 09:34:56 PM »
How to talk to a human when calling an automated phone system


Astoria Federal Savings web 800-ASTORIA When you hear the womans voice press zero. Will transfer right away to a human.
Bank of America web 800-900-9000 Hit zero twice, after menu choices play
Bank One web 877-226-5663 Press 0 thru the options to get a live person
Chase web 800-CHASE24 Hit five, pause, then hit one, four, star, zero
CIBC web 800-465-2422 Enter card# and pin, then press 0
CitiBank web 800-374-9700 Zero
Commerce Bank web 800-YES-2000 touch "0" anytime after the computer answers
MBNA web 800-421-2110 press "0" twice when menu begins
Sovereign Bank web 800-SOV-BANK personal banking: 1 for english 1 for personal banking 3 then enter social number then # then passcode then # then hit 0 (between 1 and 3 times)
Sun Trust Banks web 404-588-7815 Yes
US Bank web 800-USBANKS Press 0 twice
Wachovia web 800-922-1800 accounts personal banking
Washington Mutual web 800-756-8000 At any time after the announcement(s) start press 'O'.
Wells Fargo web 800-869-3557 Zero
cell 8 Companies

AT&T Wireless web 800-888-7600 No easy escape
Cellular One web 888-910-9191 press 4, say "agent", then #
Cingular web 800-331-0500 For faster service, press the option that you are looking to close your account, You get the same ppl but an immediate answer
Cricket web 800-274-2538 Press 3, 1, then 3 again.
Nextel web 800-639-6111 Press "0" five times
Sprint PCS web 888-788-5001 Zero twice, then say "agent"
T-Mobile web 800-937-8997 Enter your phone number
Verizon Wireless web 800-922-0204 dial # then double zero
credit 5 Companies

American Express web 800-528-4800 Hit zero, pound, three times over (ignore prompts that it's an invalid entry)
Discover web 800-347-2683 Yes
MasterCard web 800-MC-ASSIST Hit zero three times (once on each menu)
MBNA web 800-421-2110 press "0" twice when menu starts
Visa web 800-847-2911 Hit zero three times (ignore prompts saying that it's an invalid entry)
insurance 3 Companies

Aetna web 800-537-9384 2, then say "operator" (check this)
Aetna web 800-680-3566 Hit * then zero anytime
CIGNA web 800-516-2898 REGARDING A BILL
pc 12 Companies

AOL web 888-346-3704 0
Apple web 800-275-2273 Zero three times; if virtual rep answers, say "operator"
Compaq web 800-652-6672 No easy escape
Dell web 888-560-8324 Hit zero twice
Dell Customer Service web 800-624-9897 option 1, xt 7266966, option 1, option 4, option 4
Earthlink web 888-earthlink "0" sometimes works!
Epson web 800-922-8911 yes
Gateway web 800-846-2301 Hit zero, pound
HP web 800-474-6836 Say "agent"
HP web 888-560-8324 Hit zero twice
IBM web 800-IBM-4YOU You go into a hold queue immediately
Symantec web 800-441-7234 Subscription Services
retail 9 Companies

Amazon.com web 800-201-7575 Direct to human
Best Buy web 800-365-0292 sales
Best Buy web any local store wait for extension prompt (sometimes must press 4), then ext. 2021
Eckerd web 800-eckerd press 0 for pharmacy, 8* for manager
KMart web Local Press 0
Lowes Home Centers web All local numbers hit 0 for customer service or #450 for commercial sales
Target web Local call Press "0" during greeting.
Wal-Mart web 800-546-1897 press 0
Walgreens web local pharmacies press 0 to speak to a pharmacy employee
shipping 3 Companies

FedEx web 888-GO-FEDEX hit 0 during msg.
FedEx web 888-GO-FEDEX say "REP" during the message
UPS web 800-pick-ups yes
telco 4 Companies

AT&T web 800-222-0300 ..
BellSouth web 877.678.2355 Press "*" then "0"
SBC web 800-585-7928 Again, an (intelligent, this time) IVR wants YOUR phone number first.
Verizon On Line web 800 567 6789 Say "I don't know it" then "technician"
travel 9 Companies

American Airlines web 800-433-7300 Press zero twice, then say "agent"
Amtrak web 800-872-7245 Zero or say "agent"
Continental web 800-523-3273 Three Delta 800-221-1212 Zero then say "operator"
Delta web 800-221-1212 say "agent" four times - every time it asks for a response from you
Kayak.com web 203 899-3120 0
Northwest web 800-225-2525 Star, zero, after initial greeting
Southwest web 800-435-9792 Calls answered by operator; during busy times you might have to hold
United web 800-864-8331 Say nothing (but you have to listen through lots of menus)
US Airways web 800-428-4322 Hit four after initial greeting, then hit one to connect.
tv 2 Companies

Comcast web 800-266-2278 Customer service, but an IVR wants your number first.
Dish Network web 800-333-3474 press "0" during menu
utilities 1 Company

BG&E Power Company web 410-685-0123 For power outage in your area
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