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Author Topic: how much of a gap will the bees fill in with propolis (see pics migrator pallet)  (Read 832 times)

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i am building migratory 6 hive pallets and i noticed a 1/8'' gap in the back. i know it will eventual get filled it but i hate to waste the bees resources! 1/8 to big? see second pic.

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sorry for the angle of the photo! u can see it in the back!

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I would not worry about it.   Bees will fill it if they want.   

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are you going to put clips on the front-I would at-least clip the two outside boxes at front and rear-
 like a four way pallet- ;)(the reason is when moving pallets if you bump into the outside corner with another pallet it will hold fast)  - dont worry about the 1/8 the bees dont mind-also i have found that a little
coper Napenate on the runners that come in contacted with soil will keep them from rotting--RDY-B

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All so the clips do not look like bee pallet clips as that what is making the gap so big ???
Most migratory pallets are 4 hives and a few are 6 hives. Why are you using 6 hive pallets ???  

The original galvanized pallet clips.


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