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Author Topic: Ant aftermath , queen cut back egg production  (Read 384 times)

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Ant aftermath , queen cut back egg production
« on: May 23, 2012, 12:13:26 AM »
This is a long one so THANK YOU in advance.
I am new, I had five hive about six weeks old. One night after work I noticed ants and the rest of their family,uncles,cousins, nephews etc. I noticed no activity in one hive,opened to find 6-10 dead bees on bottom and nothing else. There was capped brood,pollen but no honey,just slight remnants in cells.
I chased,crushed etc the tiny ,tiny ants. The two hives next to it also had no honey,but full of bees,queens included.
I looked into them 4 days later and saw a greatly diminished amount of eggs,pollen and hardly any honey. I resumed a one to one feeding

So my questions
1 will the queen start laying more now?
2 did she slow down because of a attack on honey?
3  should I place some frames from unaffected hives into affected hives?
Thanks again