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Author Topic: Anybody ever used irradiated pollen in-lieu of pollen substitutes?  (Read 1093 times)

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Hi Guys and Girls,

I got my hives ready for winter on the weekend and found that, although they had bumper stores, there was little pollen... I want to give them a really good start next season so I want to give them some pollen/protein patties. I'm wondering though has anybody ever used irradiated pollen in-lieu of patties? I know it's more expensive but have you noticed a difference? Obviously if you're giving them 100% pollen you would give them less than you otherwise would pollen patties - I can get 15kgs of patties for around $175 or else i can get irradiated Jarrah pollen for $32/kg - thoughts? I've read that the patties, although good, promote week bees

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I have fed straight pollen (dry in open feeders and as patties, but I prefer open feeders) and I've mixed it 50/50 with dry substitute.  Both had good effect. It has been a long time since I fed substitute by itself.  The research shows and my experience is that you get better results from pollen or at least pollen mixed with substitute.

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