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Author Topic: The Three Simple Rule to using the Forums (A MUST READ)  (Read 6297 times)
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« on: December 24, 2004, 10:03:12 PM »

Please read this post, it concerns the Membership policies of this Forum. The rules are simple and made to create a family friendly and cohabital environment for the world wide membership. I hope I have answered any questions related to forum usage below. Please follow these simple rules and enjoy the many forums - I hope you enjoy your time here and please have fun.

Beemaster's Beekeeping Forum Bi-Laws

1) I have a language filter in place which has approximately 30 words in it. If you use any of these words the word chest replaces the word. The list comprises most common nasty words that I highly doubt you would use around your children. There are a few words which replace certain words, these refer to parts of anatomy since this forum talks about honeybee "parts". At any time, you can suggest words that are offensive and if I missed it in the filter, I'll gladly and swiftly add it to the list.  Attempts to bypass the filter will not be tolerated and moderators will take appropriate action.

2) No one is allowed to purposely offend another member or members whether in open forum or Private Messaging. We have members from around the globe in these forums and I hope you understand that the WRITTEN WORD "often" comes off differently then what is intended, especially if it is NOT the native language of the person writing the post. Because of the mbutt audience and multitude of language skills, we have FLEXIBLE rules to govern various offenses.

Because of the unlimited possibilities in a "post and Reply format" the penalties will be BASED on the INTENTION of the post or reply. All posts which are deemed offensive or combative are removed from the forum and reviewed by the Moderator and/or the Administrative Board.

There is a huge difference between insulting someone "intentionally" and "accidentally" through "poor use of the language skills". Recognize that what you think is meant as in insult MAY be poor language skills - don't jump to conclusions, bring it to the attention of the forum Moderators instead.

These rules of course includes attack through private messaging - again, voicing different points of view is fine, but all parties must want the exchange (including those members who are only reading and NOT posting in the forum) you obviously can NEVER just slam another member whether in public or private with unwanted attacks - that will almost ALWAYS result in TERMINATION.

If you see an offensive post, report it to the Moderators immediately (use the new REPORT TO MODERATOR LINK found in EVERY POST IN THE FORUMS) and they will handle it from there - DO NOT get into a "WAR OF WORDS" with other members, THAT will be deemed as INTENTIONAL and will receive penalties BASED on its content and purpose.

This is an IMPORTANT RULE and needs to be understood. You are in a family friendly environment here and there are NO FORUMS where rude conduct is allowed. If you have "Created a post with the INTENT to provoke others" on sensitive matters, you will receive (at the VERY LEAST) an OFFICIAL WARNING from the Administrative Body - this is your ONLY warning.

If the INTENT to cause conflict WAS NOT there, and the issue turns sour (as some issues surely will) the post will removed and ALL THOSE INVOLVED will receive a PRIVATE MESSAGE explaining why the post was removed. Whether or not a penalty is issued (to anyone involved) is ALWAYS based on the INTENT of the content.

When there is NO INTENTION to cause conflict, NO OFFICIAL WARNING is required usually - But you will receive a message by the moderator as a reminder of our policy on conflict. The forum moderator will closely watch for further problems and follow up with accordingly.

In all cases a "POST" with the INTENT to either cause conflict in the forums or is deemed a personal attack against a member or members, will be removed from the forum immediately by the moderators. The writer of the post will RECEIVE A WARNING or BE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY - again, it is the severity of the post which will used to measure the penalty.

If you have been OFFICIALLY WARNED, you have no room to err. An official warning does NOT go away, so be careful and respective of other members. There are NO SECOND OFFICIAL WARNINGS - the member will be terminated if REPEATED offenses occur.

I find it necessary to give a few examples:

Let us say that you PURPOSELY create a VULGAR LANGUAGE POST with the INTENTION of Bypbutting our "banned word filter" you are terminated immediately. This is a premeditated post and NO NEED for an OFFICIAL WARNING is necessary.

If you create a post which is a PERSONAL ATTACK (in public forum or private messaging) or a post which is blatantly written to cause conflict in the forum, these infractions have a minimal penalty "of either" an OFFICIAL WARNING or probable TERMINATION - your post will be removed and REVIEWED by the Administrative Board and the degree of your penalty is buttessed.

Let us say you read a post which insulted you and you want to respond with an equally rude post: STOP and THINK... it is NOT your job to elevate the combative level of the offensive post - so you "should" contact the moderator immediately and freely express your opinion that the original post was insulting by QUOTING the original post.

Our SMF Forum has a link in EVERY POST where you can report an offensive post to the forum's moderators. This gives you great control over the forum content - think of yourself as an buttistant to the moderators.

DO NOT get into a conflict with the other member or members. If you choose to, you could receive an OFFICIAL warning or be TERMINATED according to the content of your post: this is because your reply is an INTENTIONAL response to continue the conflict and NOT an attempt to resolve an infraction in the forum by having Moderator Intervention.

Remember - moderators are here to protect the members of the forum - DO NOT take actions into your own hands - two wrongs do not make a right!

As you can see, you need to be careful to NOT insult others in these forums - purposeful insults bring the harshest penalties. Unintentional insults are not treated as severely. Either way, no one is expected to keep the flames burning in a post that has flared up.

ALWAY contact a moderator if you find a post to be insulting to you or other members - another person's poor or hateful conduct does NOT excuse you from behaving yourself in the forums.

3) No Commercial Advertising allowed in the forums, I almost forgot this rule since it doesn't come up very often. But I keep this site free of commercials to keep it credible and to save the membership from having to deal with unwanted advertising. I do not place ads of any kind on my website and promise that I never will - I expect the same from the membership.

Posting links to your own website (or even beekeeping relate family business) in your profile and/or signature is acceptable - as long as it isn't overly done; such as a banner ad. I'm the only judge on this issue and if I think a signature is excessive, I will quickly inform the member that changes need to be made.

Political statements are also not permissible in signatures.  You may voice your political views in the Coffee House,  but not throughout the entire forum in your signature.  Many members prefer to come here and discuss beekeeping and not be exposed to continual political "advertisements".

The One Warning Rule

I have never had to go beyond this point and hopefully never will. If wither of the two rules are broken (this is where myself and the moderators come in) the offending member receives a warning to "stop the improper behavior".

The "Admin AND Moderators" together will evaluate the issue, NOT even the Admin will ban a member without using the One Warning Rule and collaboration with the Moderators UNLESS of course the violation is SO EGREGIOUS that the well being of the forum is at risk - then the violator is GONE which will alway include blocking the IP ADRESS. MEMBERNAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and other functions of the forum which pretty much takes care of the issue.

Beyond the three rules and the method of warning, there are no rules. I believe that is a fair method of controlling a forum where we have members of all ages. I hope that everyone agrees to the fairness of these rules. They are to protect the membership and to make the experience here enjoyable for all.

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